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He's probably got more career injuries than career goals,but that's purely down to his injury hit career so he can be forgiven for that,but danny welbeck is in no sorry state after suffering a devastating injury Arsenal's europa league fixture against sporting Lisbon on thursday

The England international,twisted his ankle in the first half of that encounter and even being stretchered off with an oxygen mask,was probably the least reflection of the gravity of the injury,the reaction of both his teammate's and opposition said it all

Mateo guendouzi reaction when he saw the injury

But just how bad is danny welbeck's injury

To be honest, very bad it seems like the god's of football are taking out their frustration of arsenal's failure to win the premier league on the 27 year old or did he offend some other god in Thailand, who are clearly not having the best of times

Football is no mojo and these are just mere superstitions, but I'm sure Danny welbeck would appreciate being in a spiritual world than the reality he has to face now

According to medical expert Johnny Wilson, who has worked with three professional clubs "Danny welbeck may never play football again" the doctor revealed this on his twitter page after examining the injury, and in as much as you don't want to believe it,truth is that is the daunting reality

But however we've heard those lines a lot from doctors in the past,and sometimes players go on to mock these verdicts, on this note Danny welbeck could draw inspiration from former Arsenal teammate Santi cazorla who has been in this shoes before

An injury blighted career has prevented welbeck,from fulfilling his true potentials right from his days at Manchester united, the arsenal star......alright scratch that,the hospital fc star (yeah he has brilliantly displaced Gareth bale and Luke shaw) has missed an astonishing 70 games through injury since 2015,he should be given a ballond'or in that regard

Welbeck's injury had a rather despairing note on the game and arsenal player's couldn't find any rhythm in the game afterwards and hence settled for a draw, yeah a rather funny way of paying tribute,but arsenal couldn't care less, they were already through to the next round

This is the dark side of football,but "there's always light at the other end of the tunnel" #Getwellsoondannywelbeck#