In as much as this has got some fans elated, it has also caused, some to moan

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since its inception in 2016, the video assistant referee, popularly know as the VAR,has always brought about diverse views, amongst those affiliated with the round-leather game, but that hasn't halted or deterred its progress, and we have seen it being thrusted into major leagues and tournaments, including the recent FIFA world cup in Russia

But still, much to our delight, the English premier league have been somewhat reluctant to embrace this technology and had been stalling over its use, but the moment it started undergoing trials in England, last season, you couldn't help but feel, they weren't far from finally accepting it, and well as we can all guess,last week our fears were finally turned into tears (of course not)

But however for those who live and breath the passionate game of football in England, this is definitely worth sulking up about, because we can't help but feel, the beautiful game of football in England, is about to be turned into a fashion parade (yeah I know its weird) but my point is we'll no longer be seeing the fighting and combative spirit of the game, players will tend to be more careful, in their tackles, marking and this makes football more or less a perfect game, which it's not, soon we could be having robots for referees, then we can finally say good bye to football

How does this affect football in England

Football in England is fast paced and is in no way compatible with the VAR, as fans we do not want to see, momentarily stops in the game occasionally, simply because of making use of the VAR, it kills the vibe of the game, halts the players momentum and eventually slows down the game

No doubt it will, help improve the game, by helping referees decide,but football has been played and enjoyed for centuries, without this piece of technology, and you can't help but feel it could also mar it, we get to see players, trying to influence referees decision with incessant protests knowing fully well there's VAR on ground, and this pressure could influence a positive decision from the referee, so basically it becomes a case of players forcing referees to look at the VAR on almost every profitable decision and we do not want to see that as fans

Lets not forget, some of these players are quite talented in acting, some even deserve an Oscar, dont believe me ( ask rafeal da silva about david luiz),making a mill out of nothing has always been a trend in england, and years back a law was made to combat it, such that if you appear to be in so much pain on the ground for a minute, you will have to leave the pitch for treatment, players were also being punished for diving

We all know how dramatic some players can be, and with VAR we could get to see players being more dramatic in reaction to tackles, just to get a favourable decision, like a penalty or a sending off of an opponent, and we don't want to see that as fans, but unfortunately the decision has already been made, and we have no power whatsoever to overturn it, and so in that regard, we just have to embrace it and move forward with it

We would eventually get used to it and can only take the positives from it,this however cannot deter us from supporting the beautiful game of football in england "we still and breathe football"