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The sun glistened in on me, as my muscled tan body reflected in it, much to cheers and smiles of the ladies, who were shouting as the announcer announced my name, I hopped onto my horse, waving at the spectators who were seemingly excited to see me,back at the championships, I shielded my eyes from the sun with my hands, to get a better look at them, some waved back at me, some didnt, while some or one rather, looked very much indifferent as to what was going on, she seemed, classy, made extremely obvious by her dressing, I mean who else wore sneakers to the fields for a racing championship, beautiful to say the least and must have definitely made a huge stake on one of the horses on the tracks, I bet her father was one of this years sponsors, i hadn't seen her here before, I could boast of knowing most of the people who came to the racing club every weekend, her face was a new one, for sure

I was seemingly captivated by her looks, that i didn't realise the gunshot had sounded till, I saw my opponents in front of me, I lost focus for a bit, and this was a sprint race, you always needed a head start, I knew I had to recover quickly, we raced past the first 100 metres and were into the final one, I was lagging behind in 5th, more like second from the last, i struggled to meet up, but eventually I found my strides just when it mattered most, I had to run faster than I ever had, it became a tight contest and as we approached the finish line, I was bundled over by another opponent and his horse, we both crashed into each other and then onto the ground, I was in severe pains and I could feel blood flowing out of my skin, my right leg and hand hurt so bad i couldnt move them,I couldn't raise my head up, I didn't want to, I was too embarrassed thinking of the number of stakes I had cut, and so buried my head into the ground, soon the medics would be here to carry us out, I could sense people taking shots of me, a shadow was looming behind me, taking strides towards my position, I raised my head up for a bit, it was her again, she was stretching out her hands towards me, I tried to stretch back but I couldn't, what was wring with me, I could hear my name being called in distance, Rodrigo,Rodrigo, how did she know my name, a faint smile spread across my lips

"Rodrigooooooooo!!!!!" Louis voice echoed through my head and I found myself sprinting up from the ground, wait no, the sofa.... to stare at my very perplexed brother

"Wait, it was a dream" I found myself asking, my brother gave me a curious look, before squeezing my bandaged leg, causing me to groan

"Auch!!!what was that for"

"You really are a weirdo, smiling and talking in your sleep"

"So you mean, she wasn't here"

"Who is she, what exactly are you talking about, in fact the only women in your life right now, is your mum and the nurse taking care of you"

I scanned my surroundings, I wasn't in a hospital, but I was on a bed with my bandaged leg held up In a cast and right hand wrapped in a cast

"The hospital discharged you already, remember you were insistent on recovering fast in order to feature at the horse racing championships in a months time, so they got you a home doctor to help fasten it up, don't tell me you now have amnesia bro

I immediately snapped back to my harsh reality, realising I had been dreaming about participating in the sao Paulo horse racing championship, how bad I wanted it, and rocio, the girl who more or less caused me all of this, 2 weeks ago, at the racing club yeah, how could she be that beautiful, I looked at my leg, I still felt much pain, and was starting to have doubts about recovering in time for sao paulo

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days and days turned into weeks, soon I was relieved of all the cast that was put on me and was getting ready for my physiotherapy session, the nurse had promised to get me the best one in town, to aid my rehabilitation process, despite the incessant pleas from my mum, that I could end up aggravating my injury, I was stubborn, and so turned a deaf ear, I'd been training all my life to able to stand a chance at the tournament I had qualified for it, and had saved enough money for an entry, it was every four years, and I wanted to win it, in my youthful age, so I couldn't postpone till the next one when I'd be 28, the nurse walked in swiftly with mum and a lady behind her

"This is your physiotherapist, rocio pamenas" she said introducing her

Of course I know her, I thought to myself as I stretched ou my hands for a shake,but she outrightly declined it

"Don't stress you hand,Mr_

" Rodrigo " my mum chipped in

"Yeah Rodrigo, considering your state, its not necessary" she said smiling

Of course, of course

"So we'll begin with soft exercises, the championships, is in 2 weeks, its enough time to get you back in groove.

Training with rocio, was probably more fun than I imagined, the fact that she was close enough to me, was enough to make me recover faster, she was well learned at her job, and was humorous as well, at times I wondered if she could feel the tension, between us.

" you know, your quite impressive at what you do" I said as we stretched our hands facing each other in a small opening

"I could say the same about you, although you did make me loose a thousand dollars at the racing club that day"

My heart immediately skipped a bit, as I felt guilty, I guess that's love, isn't it or maybe obsession, coz this girl was definitely driving me crazy, I wanted to tell her, what happened, but was not sure how she'd react, but it was necessary for what I wanted to do,our hands were now spread across each others shoulders and legs filed in a small circle, as we sat on the floor

"You know, I was undisputed champion at the racing club for 6 weeks, but because of you, that day, I lost focus, I was swept away by your beauty that I couldn't concentrate on the reality", I said as I leaned in closer towards her, gently I removed my hands from her shoulders and cusped it, on her cheeks, we were so close that I could feel her breath against my face, and so I had to do the inevitable, but it didn't last long as I pulled away immediately, realising I was forcing her into doing something against her will, cos she wasn't kissing back

" I'm sorry, I was overwhelmed by my emotions "

"I'm a professional, Rodrigo"

"I'm really sorry, about catching you unawares"

"It's alright, I perfectly understand.


" I hope you can do this, Rodrigo " rocio asked rather concerned, as we rode on my horse to the Sandfields, sao paulo"

I turned back to look at her

"Let's make a bet, rocio, if I win the championships, you would go out on a date with me, that's fair enough"

"Fair enough, what if, I already have a boyfriend"

"You do" I asked curiously

She simply smiled at me, then jumped off the horse racing into the crowd, I rode my horse to waiting area, where contestants waited before they, announced their names, the crowd was ernomous, just like it was always, when I watched on TV, I was finally participating in it, but my childhood dream will not be complete without winning, it, I looked on as the defending champion Mateo iglesias, was announced as he took his spot on the track, he was my main rival, for the sao Paulo steeplechase title, and what a favourable lane he picked, I was announced last and was left to contend with the brutal and much dreaded long curving last lane, but I wasn't gonna let that deter me, but I was up against champions you know, but I wanted to be champion as well, the cheers for me were loud and I could see my mum and brother waving me on, and rocio was her usual calm self, the gunshot sounded and off we went, it was a 200mtre sprint race and I hopped with my horse, dragging the rope faster than I had ever done, I was on par with two former champions in 3rd as we entered the final 100m lap, there were lot of cheers and I don't know, but it seemed to be directed at me and it was just what I needed, I pulled the rope faster as we jumped over the hurdles set in our way

I was starting to feel some recurring pain in my hand, which later became excruciating as we neared the finish line, but I couldn't give up now, especially as I was second from the line, I managed with all I could and sprinted to the finish line in second place, I felt like collapsing, because of the pain resonating through me, the crowd cheered on Mateo, he was now a two time champion, I didn't want to see this as a loss, cos I had given it my best shot, despite my condition, I was still a silver medallist, soon after we were being drafted in for doping tests, and had to wait for a while before we were given our medals, I was worried, sure the painkilling drugs I took, could not possibly be a banned substance, after about half an hour waiting the results after testing were about to be announced.

"In third place, bronze medallist, junior Sanchez

In second place, silver medallist, Luciano de Marcos

And in first place, gold medallist, there was a momentarily pause_ Rodrigo Marquez, I was shocked at the announcement, but also pleased at how fair things were, Mateo was disqualified for doping and also the original third place, at the end of the day I could proudly say, I merited it, despite all the mixed reactions, I was still able to hold my head high in honour and dedicate the gold medal, after receiving it to some people

" i dedicate this medal, to all those who lost out on it, but to most especially rocio, (who for once was now waving at me, together with my family) with whom, I would be going on a first date with" (I was quite surprised myself) I stared at her, and caught her whisper back the words

"You are already my boyfriend"

And I replied "it's only fair enough", much to amusement of the perplexed crowd, who couldn't help but burst into laughter, this was definitely one for the media, and I concluded with the words

" I love you Rocio"