Illusions were simply illusions, it was more or less a fantasy, but what happens when part of that fantasy, becomes real, and worst of all, it's the not so nice part, you sure are on a wild goose chase, well once upon a time, I ran such race

Lannister, was my name, i was born in the 19th century, in New orleans, I had a special gift, I could talk to animals, pretty weird isn't it, but I was that kind, nothing in my life ever really made sense, I guess that was the norm for me, I was fascinated by animals, more like obsessed, I belonged to a weird pact of the society, in a time when vampires, werewolves and witches existed, surely just about anything could exist, I initially thought I was the only one of my kind until, I met Zeus, who introduced me to other guys we were called 'mods', as a result we were high on demand in my native New Orleans, people sought us to train their pets, including some weird ones, talking to animals was as normal as communicating with a fellow being, so the easiest job out there to earn a few bucks, was using words to control the thoughts and actions of animals, but there was more to it, a plan in motion, an unorthodox one, that once materialised, would upset the balance of nature forever, it was the sterile

In the early 19th century, 'infamous' animal scientist, jeremih Hawkins, developed a stimulant fluid for animals, that gave them the ability to think like humans, it was one of mankind's biggest secret that only a few knew of, but that was until, Charles x found it out, I would have preferred it was the devil himself than his human agent, councellor to the mayor, Charles xenoda was a man on a mission, with a vendetta of his, but nonetheless I was never going to be deterred, I and the mods started our experiment with human like animals, such as chimpanzees, it was a gamble, one we weren't sure would pay off, the first few days of experimentation went in accordance, now we just had to communicate with it and teach some basic stuffs, the chimpanzee was often with us at our meeting place, where we interacted and played board games, the chimpanzee took interest in the game and was more retentive than human beings, soon we were teaching it and I occasionally played chess with him, but our progress was shortlived, news of our invention soon got to the ears of the mayor and all of us in the mod, were dragged to his house together with the chimpanzee, which was put in a cage, because of its hostility, we were chained together on the floor, as I tried to make reason with the mayor, and gave him potential reasons why our invention would move new Orleans forward, it was going to serve as a watchdog of the society and an ultimate, vampire and werewolve killer, residents would no longer have to worry about their safety and live in fear, the mayor seemed less interested in my points and never took his eyes away from the chess game he was playing with Charles x, who passed me a wicked smile, it wasn't ordinary and with the way he veins popped out, I immediately knew he was one of them, a vampire, no wonder he fought so hard to find us

'How can an animal be a watchdog' Charles x said with a mocking undertone that provoked laughter, from the mayor

'They have intellect, you know, alright let's make a deal, if that animal beats you to a game of chess, you will sanction my invention' I said with so much confidence, the mayor looked up at curiously

'It is a dare, mayor, I'm challenging you'

He made a momentarily stare at me, before signalling to one of he's guards

We waited in utter silence, as the guard returned with the chimpanzee, I was quite surprised, but more surprised at the next order that was given, but it wasn't from the mayor, it was from Charles x

"Kill it, in cold blood" his words were stern and the mayor didn't look like would refute it

"You thought, we were going to buy into your foolishness"

"A fool is one, who is scared of loosing" I said shooting a hard and challenging glare at the mayor, who now tilted his head in utter shock, remaining silent, but he definitely wasn't going to be the moment, the chimpanzee, fought off two guards, having sighted the chess board and rushed to it, much to the loud exclamation of the mayor, after a while of deliberation, my offer was accepted and the mayor agreed for a chess game, but Charles x offered to replace him, and have the game with the chimpanzee, but of course I knew what his plan was, to unsettle the chimpanzee, with its vampirism and make him, unable to perform, after a while of playing, it was looking tight, until the chimpanzee did something quite shocking, he tore into Charles x and ripped him to shreds, the mayor reacted by running, but was stopped by my comments

"You don't have to run, at least if your not a vampire" leaving him shellshocked, that day changed my life and the life of new Orleans, soon we were given license to continue our development with the chimpanzees, residents lived in less fear and more protection, no doubt this chapter of my memoir will go on to inspire other generations in future, it might just be you reading this.

Lannister Ingrid, memoirs of lannister, 1859

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