#1. Click through your list of people who follow you and begin to allocate a sincere effort in reading all or a handful selection of content (including Bio's in order to better gauge the writer and what type of posts to expect)

#2. Out of respect for people who truly do follow you for you and your content, take the time to comb through your followers list and proceed to followback followers who's level of content and engagement are most genuine and quality. 

#3. After clicking on a follower's profile page, begin to read, upvote, and comment on posts that you see (past or present).

#4. Use Google Translator for engaging with followers who speak different languages. Why should language barriers inhibit you from interacting and appreciating the work of those foreign to you? Everyone has something to offer and something to gain. 

For Example:

Step One: Highlight and copy the language you cannot read. 

Step Two: Type in google translator into google search

Step Three: Paste what you copied into the "Detect language," and boom, you've uncovered something special. 

  • If you speak primarily another language besides english you would adjust the language categories on google translator accordingly before copying/pasting

#5. Most Importantly:  Be sure to acknowledge ALL or most of your Followers at some point. It's understandable if you get an influx of followers and notifications all at once and it becomes too time-consuming to get back to everyone, but you should at least attempt to do so within a week or two just out of curtesy, especially if you elected to followback.  If this isn't a goal you would set right after reading this then it should be at some point. It could be in the smallest of ways such as, upvoting comments of people you followback on other posts that are not yours or even going as far as to recommending their work to others in or outside of Scorum platform. 

If you wish to add anything you feel compelled to share then please do so.

Thanks for reading

...Why even listen to these 5 Super Tips shown above? 

Because these methods should improve your quality of experience and help improve your level of engagement on Scorum overtime ; also to provide you with peace of mind moving forward.