+ Bitcoin Is What I Make It. + Bitcoin Is What We Make It
As prominent as Scorum has become, we should be reminded that if it weren't for the success of bitcoin,  entities like Scorum would not exist. Scorum, like bitcoin, foreshadows a melding pool of huge ambitions while boasting a competent diligent dev team, and a real hardworking/supporting community who remain active 24/7.

Let this article be thought of somewhat as a Scorum inspiration piece or 'deeper look' in which readers can relate to and learn from Bitcoin, Scorum and blockchain as a whole. Whether we are aware of it or not- just by being here, we continue to make our mark in history while impacting the world of crypto in some way, shape, or form.

"Our brains are our real Banks"

John Mcaffee's One Million Dollar Bitcoin Bet: $1 Million Dollar Bitcoin or Penis for Dinner?

Source: Youtube-  McAfee - How will you EAT your own D*CK?

Truth, the end all be all in life. Most people can't take it and many more fail to shake it. Truth is our guiding light and it would behoove many of us to live our life around it as much as possible.

John McAfee, a famed computer programmer and businessman, and now one of the most controversial figures in crypto, declared a bet that if Bitcoin were not to hit $1 Million dollars by the end of 2020 then he would eat his own d*ck. The video above shows John expressing why it is that he knows he will win this bet; his arguments, while sounding convicting, yet farfetched, are almost too captivating for me to not share with a wider audience.

Let it be known that I am not sure if John will win his bet, however, it would be a mistake to overlook the future realities and ideas that Mcaffee details during his interview.

What is crypto, or better yet, what is or what should Scorum be? John Mcaffee says, it is a "permission-less society." The blockchain, which is an absolute record of truth, and the permission-less quality of transactions, and our own brains which serve our own self interest, if we're sane, is all we need... we don't need police, we don't need regulations, we need common sense. If we all know the truth... If we all see the truth, we all see the same thing, do we not? ...

you cannot exist long where your only customers are fools and insane people."

One of my more favorite lines was that "we don't need regulation if we have truth..."

and so here is a little more truth for readers still following so far:

Importance of Living Inspired 

Bitcoin soars and Bitcoin plummets. To me, this is how my life goes in a manner often too complex to unravel.

I've gone through most of my life hodling true to myself. While 25 years young, I'm often oblivious to how many and which of life's factors contribute most to my happiness and survival.

As I gain wisdom through connecting with like minds, forever adjusting my direction, and adding to my foundation, I push forward in my ambitious plight to fulfill my life's purpose all while slowly fostering a 'middle ground' I've not yet realized.

What I lay out above for you seems to have you thinking about something else, doesn't it? Or shouldn't it? Perhaps the process of bitcoin, development, and blockchain might all ring a bell. Perhaps readers may have begun thinking about what all it is that they do here on Scorum and its potential to continue to grow and affect the online landscape and lives of others who desire/need a powerful outlet.

Here Is A Question: Will a 'middle ground' or stable price/structure ever be realized in the way that our society envisions bitcoin's/blockchain's revolutionary implications?

I've come up with a trick to laying out my life in perspective more easily, which is to live vicariously through the unfolding of Bitcoin's revolutionary chapter in time.

It seems all too true and revealing to know that all of the world and its inhabitants (including myself) go through bear and bull cycles. And like Alts, we have numerous starts and failures but remain resilient nonetheless - or at least we should when given the ability to do so - an ability that is achieved from acknowledging and internalizing the processes of our bear and bull cycles as measurements of fulfillment in our lives.

When theres something of value, something to be fought for, or something that feeds to a greater purpose beyond ourselves set before us, we should opt to fill our life with positive actions and mannerisms that help bring (or manifest) whatever that 'something' is to reality.

I myself am not perfect, nor will I ever try to act like I am in any regard. I have made mistakes all throughout my life, with bitcoin, and even here on Scorum's platform. What I'm getting at is that we should always be actively correcting ourselves for the better. Live our life out as a blockchain that nearly always incurs development of some kind as well as bumps in the road.

For readers who have been reading and honestly analyzing what I've written so far you'd begin to see that I'm hinting towards Bitcoin, Scorum, blockchain and crypto as being embodiments of people, our relations, and our progress.

I imagine that the level of importance of what I've written so far will vary among readers, though, lets hope that it hit somewhere close to home.

Check out Sunny D's analogy mentioned of Bitcoin to being like a 9 year old kid:

Time Stamp= 10:17<-->10:43

Video Source: Youtube- An Altcoin Vs. Bitcoin Portfolio from 3 Months ago... Interesting Results!

When thinking about Bitcoin as 9 year old kid, Sunny D says, "you send it to the jungle and leave it there right. That kid is gonna get badass and after 9 years which is bitcoin around, right, that kid knows exactly how to behave in the jungle. All the problems hunting and so on it knows what it has to do. Right?"

I've been apart of Scorum's blogging platform for going on 4 months now since its launch in June. I've been apart of Scorum since its ICO stages dating back last early January. I've seen how testy and gritty it can get in those telegram chats about Scorum's price and overall direction, as well as witnessing the brilliance and resolve of many of us on this blogging platform truly come to light. I can only imagine what amazement Scorum's betting platform will bring. I firmly believe that most of our damning criticisms and fearful questions will be answered and put behind us in the most absolute of ways.

- - -

We all have to create and acknowledge catalysts in our lives that drive us to overcome and achieve. Without the yin there is no yang. It's the consistency of problem solving and trial and error that keeps up moving forward, and not backwards throughout our evolution. We have to be our own architects of our lives, the same way we are for bitcoin, the blockchain, and Scorum altogether.

As always, rest easy and keep your best foot forward no matter what.


Thanks to those who have read through to the end of this article. This piece was actually a draft I've come back and forth to for a little while now hoping to share in its best possible light because my thoughts on the matter became too compelling to withhold - especially with the world being at such a pivotal point in time moving forward with crypto and blockchain as a whole.

I don't know if what I wrote "got" to you in any way, nor do I know if I came across as a little whacky for putting this out there, however, all that matters to me now is that this piece can be heard and hopefully reflected upon with maturity and wisdom.

Random Nuggets of Information/Recommendation(s) for you :

Be sure to store/save drafted writings into your emails, personal storage, and/or elsewhere. As competent and as trustworthy as Scorum may be, truth still stands; anything can happen. Don't just be saving all of your drafts and special work on here and nowhere else. Write em down onto paper if you absolutely need to and probably should.

We are still very young in crypto and there are hacks, shutdowns, and fallbacks happening everyday. Never be too comfortable not to safeguard your precious genuine work.

Video Source: Youtube- John McAfee: about blockchain, bitcoins and cyber security