The Scorum Platform has been going downhill quickly these past months at there has been somewhat of a mass exodus with users giving up and just dumping their coins because they lost complete confidence in the developing team.

Around 7 days ago, the devs broke radio silence in a way that very much illustrated their vision for the platform by holding a Contest for writers “My favorite stadium”. Guess what, nobody cares and the first entry has yet to be made on the contest for as far as I can see.

It has been clear for a while that their vision for this platform is one where it is about "Quality Content" writing where they want to make an income from adds on the platform that partly gets redistributed to the writers. The Betscorum Betting Exchange from the start seemed to be a toy just to act as a promotional tool.

The contest post along with the Update post with the proposal to split domains 2 weeks ago from @pete who talked to @vlad clealy illustrate the direction that is taken for this platform. Especially the last 2 paragraphs in the 1st proposal to split domains really had me frown my eyebrows.


What Scorum does NOT have...

  • Users that care about "My favorite Stadium" writing contests...
  • Users that are willing to spend money powering up just to reward people that write "Quality Articles" just because they love to read and reward those.
  • Sports Associations who are interested in joining the platform let alone invest money into it.
  • Athletes or Teams who are genuinely interested in using Scorum as a platform to communicate with the world.
  • Amateur & Children Sports associations who are interested in the platform.

What Scorum DOES have...

  • An excellent 0% exchange betting exchange that everyone agrees is miles ahead on anything else on the market so far and has the potential to become a "Betfair Killer".
  • People that invested in the platform mainly for the betting functions it offers on both the blog and exchange. There is a reason why betting posts are most popular. Nearly all of the invested SP is coming from this group.
  • Some users that still want to make something of this and are willing to help out to make it all happen. Only few are still actively doing something (mainly @julienbh with his awesome initiative.) Many others are currently on the sideline (SBC) still wanting to do something but can't justify it because how this entire project has been managed.

There is so much potential still in this platform if only the switch was made from

Betscorum being a tool to promote the blogging platform.


The Blogging Platform becoming a tool to promote Betscorum.

I offered odds on most of the betting options on the Europa League Final last Thursday (I will be doing the same for the Champions League) and it is clear that people are still willing to use the exchange if bets are being put up to be taken...

I was quite against the idea of the split of the blogging domain in a writing and betting platform at first (makes things overly complicated and many posts will be unclear where they belong). A blogging platform just to write about things like "your favorite player or stadium" never really made any sense for me to begin with. Right now I would gladly vote for Proposal #1 so at least something happens and maybe forcing to make the devs see that betting is the direction forward for the platform.

With 2 weeks have gone by it would be nice to have another unofficial voting here in the comments below on Proposal #1 to create a new blogging domain specific to Betting.

My vote goes to YES lets at least make something happen...