After being active for 3+ years here on Scorum cross-posting my Previews, Bets, and Results handicapping the Belgian League, I recently pulled the trigger and took an indefinite break from the platform for different reasons...

I have been pretty vocal about the downfall of this platform seeing it go from something that started with a lot of promise, going to something that had a lot of buzz with an active community and an awesome betting exchange in Betscorum (which to this day for me by far is the crypto betting solution with most potential) to now what has looked to be a completely dead ICO project for years.

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I'm still making daily posts sharing them on the SBC Discord | Hive | Publish0x | Steemit but will no longer be cross-posting them here on Scorum for now since it's just not worth the time. While I enjoy actually writing the posts, I really dislike the process of getting them to a point where they can actually be published in the form that I like. Scorum has a separate editor and an antiplag system which makes it so that it takes at least 10+ minutes to also get them on here which just isn't worth it anymore (Similar reason why I also stopped cross-posting on Uptrennd) since the platform is going nowhere the way it has been looking for a very long time.

It's quite sad to see what has happened to this platform and how even a bull market doesn't give the devs even a small spark to get something going again and I can't say I have any kind of confidence things will ever pick up again. The only thing the blogging platform has got going for it right now is that it has pretty good Search Engine Optimization but that's about it.

I still hope I'm wrong and Scorum somehow gets brought back to life again one day with Betscorum thriving as a crypto betting exchange with plenty of activity and volume. If that ever happens I will be happy to return regardless the price of SCR.

So goodbye and good luck to all those who are still left here on Scorum!