It has been multiple days now that the Antiplagiarism Checker on Scorum has been offline giving a service error and it's not looking like the issue will get solved.

This means that all post by default will get 100% payouts. The system since it was introduced actually worked great. The main downside is still that original content that also gets posted on alternative platforms gets a plagiarism strike and keeping a betting record in posts can also cause an issue.

These things can easily be overcome by making sure to post first on Scorum and by using images for parts of a post that get replicated. The Antiplagiarism checker really did help to discourage everyone that just wanted to make posts copy-pasting content that already existed somewhere on the internet.

I don't know if Devs even know the system is down, but they should fix it as soon as possible. It somehow reminds me of the luxury Girls situation a while back that eventually got fixed long overdue.

I know the devs keep an eye on the Socrum Tag, so if possible please fix the antiplagiarism checker or temporarily remove it as the platform right now gives a somewhat broken impression which doesn't really help adoption if new people sign up once the soccer season gets going again the coming weeks.