Scorum inc announced its Affiliate Program (Post Link) in partnership with Biggico early this year, 8 months later it looks like they got delisted from the platform for lack of activity and revenue.

The affiliate program itself was pretty contentious from the start as the only way to earn anything from it was for the ones who clicked the link to sign up and buy some SCR on the internal market which got them less compared to what could be bought on hotbit. Some of the comments in the original post:

I got an email from the Biggico this week stating how they will separate in 2 different networks to isolate the gambling deals. I have been using the affiliate link in my posts whenever I mention betscorum both in a good and bad way but only occasionally check the Biggico Dashboard. So I logged into to check again after getting the email just to see Scorum & Betscorum no longer listed. I assumed it might have been moved to the new CPAkitchen site but apparently it hasn't. So I contacted the user support in the chat window and it seems they 'no longer work with Scorum' (Read probably delisted them) because it was a complete failure as Biggico wasn't able to earn anything from Betscorum because if the rather shady payout mechanism addressed in the comments on the original post. From what it looks like only 1 commission was earned in total during the 8 months of the affiliate program running which was to me good for 7.89$.

Biggico Affiliate Numbers

I don't mind incorporating affiliate links for bookies or site I use myself in my blog posts as I believe it is along with other advertisements a more sustainable way to potentially earn something from blogging than the entire reward pool upvoting system created by Steem. I made a Blogging Affiliate Earnings Report on what I made so far about 3 months ago.

This is the final result on my Betscorum Biggico affiliate links:

Link Clicks = 288
Accounts Signed Up = 3
Conversions = 1
Payout = 7.89$

If anything the Biggico Affiliate Program pretty much sums up the devs their marketing efforts for their product. 8 months have passed and we are pretty much worse off compared to where we started. The only real valid selling point of the project (Betscorum) also continues to barely get supported. I mentioned it many times before, but Volume and Liquidity are key and should be the absolute top priority for the team. The product is still the best solution available (by far) when it comes down to crypto betting but it needs the activity to attract more users. With the devs pretty much neglecting this, it's hard for the community to justify taking some action toward moving things forward. This Affiliate program Failure is yet another reason in a long list making it difficult to take Scorum serious let alone recommend it to others. The frustrating part is that we can pretty much only wait and hope something changes...

Did anyone else use the Biggico Affiliate links? If so, post a screenshot of your results in the comments and I'll make sure to give it a good upvote so you at least get something out of it...