Last month I had a Price Prediction Contest on the SCR. It's now time to look at the results and see what happened the last 25-30 days while allowing everyone to make a prediction on where things will go in the month of July...


The Scorum Prices currently sits at 0.01185$ and dropped 37.5% compared to the price at the time of the last contest (0.021$). As always, the price reflects the belief people have in the platform along with the actions and vision of the development team. As a reference, Bitcoin at the time was at around 7500$ and increased to 11177$ which is about +50% increase.


As stated in the Contest Rules, the price in my monthly Sports Betting Blockchain Projects Listings will count toward the contest SCR closing price. This was 0.012981$

My own prediction of 0.012$ (See here) came closest the final 0.012891$ Price being only 7.6%. Since I don't count myself toward the 100 SCR Prize, I send 10 SCR to place 2-11. Congrats!


  • Make A comment below this post with the price you think SCR will have about a month from now rounded down to 0.0001.
  • Add some reasons why and I will make sure to give it a good upvote!
  • Be closest to the price in my newt monthly report post and win 100 SCR!


It is very hard to be optimistic about the SCR price right now and I'm sticking to my view that it is highly correlated with the overall activity on Betscorum. Right now there is still no valid reason whatsoever to buy SCR with the devs clearly still not caring about the betting part of the platform. Since mostly the sports bettors / poker players have been the one that really invested into the platform and they are the ones that are displeased the most it's easy to see that there is going to be more selling than buying going on the next 30 days.

An initiative has been started for users to promote Scorum on their Social Media by @promo.scr and @giornalista did a great job getting @team.corner onto Scorum (Will be interesting to see if they stay and become active aside from the introduction post). I don't see anyone picking the platform up though as at first sight it still very much looks like a scam with high fake looking post payouts and the wallet also still having 1SCR = 1 USD which is a complete joke. Betscorum also as little to no activity giving new people no reason whatsoever to sigh up and try it out.

For as far as the price goes, the market cap is now around 350k $. Betscorum is still an excellently designed product and the blogging platform does have appealing visuals. Right now it looks like there are only 20-50 active members blogging and more seem to have given up. Looking at the Scorum Explorer transactions many are also still opting out while few are accumulating and powering up. (it's a free market and everyone can do what they want)

Right now, I see very little point into selling at the 0.01$ price. Even though things don't look good, there was some kind of confirmation that the team has not run away just yet and are still working on the project. It is also very clear that users and investors are not happy is the dumping continues. I see the 0.01$ as a psychological level. Below there it really feels like you might as well go down with the ship while the ones that want to take a gamble might get a good opportunity do so below 0.01$.

My SCR Price prediction for early August: 0.0098$
( I hope I'm proven wrong this time around. I'm looking forward to the price evolutions regardless. )

How do you see the SCR Price Evolve? Leave your predictions in the comments below... Good Luck