This will be the 4th edition of this Contest and I will try to make it into a monthly thing. It's kind of interesting to see the general sentiment of the community along with who's bullish or bearish and who's the best at predicting the price evolution of SCR.


The Scorum Prices went from 0.01175$ to 0.00791$ the last 30 days and dropped -21.41% the last 24 hours. Volumes are still very low and as little as 50$-100$ is needed to make the price move like this.


As stated in the Contest Rules, the SCR price tracked in my monthly Sports Betting Blockchain Projects counts for this countest which clocked down at 0.009874$ yesterday. Nearly everyone including myself was way too optimistic last month with the average prediction being 64% higher compared to where it landed.

@chessarbiter made the closest prediction being off only 21% compared to the price. 100 SCR has been sent, Congrats!

Previous Contests

August 2019 | 17 Entries | SCR 0.009874 |Winner @chessarbiter
July 2019 | 16 Entries |SCR 0.013525$ | Winner @mr-sarriball
June 2019 | 19 Entries | SCR 0.012981$ |Winner @costanza


  • Make A comment below this post with the price you think SCR will have about a month from now rounded down to 0.0001.
  • Add some reasons why and I will make sure to give it a good upvote!
  • Be closest to the price in my newt monthly report post and win 100 SCR!


For the first time since long, I was actually quite optimistic last month for the SCR price to recover a bit as @betty who provides liquidity directly linked to the pinnacle odds got an update and was working again while some new soccer leagues had been added to betscorum. This didn't take very long though as @betty went back offline leaving the betting exchange without chance as there are no working tools for the community to act as a bookie.

From what I understand, this is the problem with the Pinnacle API (Taken from

In other news this month, Scorum likely got Delisted from their Affiliate program partner Biggico and most efforts are still on Search Engine Optimising. There was a new initiative to encourage Prediction posts which at least takes a step in the right direction toward bettors. I can't really say I'm a fan of the overall incentives and people it will likely attract though. It also looks like Betty won't get fixed anytime soon let alone something like NFL being added to Betscorum.

I went through a lot of the other Sports Betting Blockchain Projects for my previous post yesterday and none of those come close to what Betscorum has to offer right now in terms of Sports Betting. Betscorum is in a way the only crypto betting platform that is ready to go without being too complicated for regular non-crypto bettors. While Scorum is Number 1 in term of product it pretty much comes in last in terms of team commitment and development which is highly frustrating. Looking at the professionalism of the Chiliz team who got some big partnerships and were listed on Binance and even the drive Wagerr has an understanding how betting volume is key to succeed putting a lot of importance on that, it hurts to see the potential of betscorum being thrown away.

The way I still look at it, betscorum is the key factor to get the price up as it's the only valid reason to buy and use SCR. Betscorum is actually far worse off compared to 10 months ago when it was launched and I see no reason why this trend would reverse next month. Based on the potential the Price of SCR is still a Joke and it usually finds support around 0.007$ when it becomes an all or nothing gamble that might pay off as development is clearly still ongoing.

My SCR Price prediction for early November: 0.0102$

How do you see the SCR Price Evolve? Leave your predictions in the comments below... Good Luck