Congrats to @chessarbiter who won the Scorum price prediction contest back2back predicting a price of 0.0065$. The 100 SCR prize has been sent.


The Scorum Price went from 0.007919$ to 0.005777$ currently in a ~30 day period. Looking back when starting this contest 4 editions ago in June, the price was still around 0.021$.


  • Make A comment below this post with the price you think SCR will have about a month from now rounded down to 0.0001.
  • Add some reasons why and I will make sure to give it a good upvote!
  • Be closest to the price in my new monthly report post and win 100 SCR!


Things pretty much look worse than ever for this platform, devs are nowhere to be seen and there no indication whatsoever of the platform still being developed behind the scenes. Even worse is that the community has totally been worn down and no longer seems to care since all forms of complaints and frustrations ar no longer be seen on the blogging platform. The & scorum.prediction initiatives also are not really working while betscorum remains an excellent product that is not being used and basically is a ghost town. The SCR Price continues to reflect this and has broken the 0.007$ range which multiple times acted as a resistance.

I wrote about the question if Scorum was a scam or at a discount a couple of months back (See Post) when the price was at a bottom 0.0077$. Nothing really has changed and I'm having a really hard time seeing this project go anywhere. If the team is genuine about their platform they clearly lack the skills to make it into a success while it being a scam also makes it worthless. The only real hope I have at this point is the project being sold and taken over by someone who does have the vision to make it live up to the potential.

I guess the devs will have to come with something rather sooner than later. Following the pattern so far, it will likely be another empty update to stall a further decline hoping for another crazy altcoin bull market one day. The front page at least still looks active but it's only a matter of time before more people will give up and also when witnesses will start closing their nodes if things continue like this.

Not much is needed to pump and double the price and there will always be some that are willing to take a small gamble at these prices. Unless the scam is 100% conformed I have a hard time seeing the price go even lower and I guess previous support of 0.007$ will turn into new resistance.

My SCR Price prediction for early November: 0.0069$

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How do you see the SCR Price Evolve? Leave your predictions in the comments below... Good Luck