Like all the other social medias based on cryptocurrencies also Scorum adopted as a reward system the Scorum Power, while this can be converted to Scorum Coins on power down (52 weeks) which is the real bread of this ecosystem. But why would you do something like that?

Many would say in order to retain the users on the platform, but maybe this has the opposite affect as anyone who sees his assets freeze will simply be less interested in being involved. Of course that are a few or many out there which believe in the future of the platform and might play the long game, but I am sure it is hard for those as well.

So, why Scorum follows the same strategy as the other social platforms out there? Why not come with a new system or at least some alternative to this quite "classical" old scheme...? You have here the betting platform, why not leverage that and allow players to use SP as well for betting. Make the site more appealing to anyone new, make them want to stay here because it is a great ecosystem and they can spend their gains in a multitude of ways.

That would be my thoughts for a successful sports social platform to make any new comers not want to go ever. Keep the players or bloggers entertained, involved, staked in the game and this can be quite a successful never before system. I want to see here new ways of spending the gains, more dynamic things happening because SPORTS is the king of all.