Is it my place to tell you what you should do? Maybe not.

This is nothing more than an approach that can be taken to further strengthen the Scorum chain for the long term. It is also not myself that would be doing the work but you.

I see the chain divided. divided does not always mean something bad. It is divided into sections, not only by the topic tag listed. It is also divided by the functions. There is the gaming side were wagers can be placed on the outcome of games. and there is also the blogging side. Additionally there is the trading side. At least three sides to this chain that all need to compliment themselves.

To some degree the first two working together will support and gain support from the third.

This forum works like a sports paper. It reports on sporting events and takes the wagers. This is my understanding. I am unsure how the gambling side of things work, I am not much of a gambler myself. I do play poker though.

As an option for expansion. Maybe some out there could focus to some degree on forecasts. Providing forecasts for results on games, depending on how good they are, Writing about a players fitness or injury how it will effect the game. all this can be done to say why you think a result might be a certain way. A post stating this and a result close to or the same as the forecast would gain some following. Some of this following would make use of the gaming side of the platform.

Just thought put out there to share.