Shirts are free templates. Image, logo, and background are by Deveerei.

I just wanted to share with you my take on the Lightning Bolt we use in to Vote on posts. I'm calling it the Lightning Vote. I made 2 variations of it, one with a gradient over it and a flatter version.

I also added them onto shirt templates, as you can see from the above photo.

Image is free to use with proper attribution.
Image is free to use with proper attribution.

Here are the 2 designs I made for the Lightning Vote.

Both images are free to use by anyone, proper attribution (link back to this post or my profile) will be greatly appreciated whenever possible.

I'll also upload the full images onto a Google Drive folder that anyone can access.

(Still editing the link, please come back soon.)

Gradient Design

The gradient design is basically the flat design with an added radial gradient layer that has a hard break between the darkest and lightest part.

The shadows behind the bolt is also softer (more blur) versus the next design.

Flat Design

The original icon for the bolt isn't symmetrical, but for this one, I used the same shape layer for the left and right parts.

I added the shadows and lighting over it with simple vector shapes.

Shadow is flat and solid unlike the blurred one on the gradient design.

I made both images with Adobe Photoshop CC

Which of the 2 designs do you like best? Feel free to comment down below. Suggestions are also welcome.

By the way, here's a closer view on sample shirts with both designs on it:

Sample shirt design with the Gradient Lightning Vote on a gray shirt.
Sample shirt design with the Flat Lightning Vote on a gray shirt.

Thanks for reading my post! Till the next one! Cheers!