Hey buddies!

Everything, good or bad, has a beginning and an end.

It has been a stimulating and engaging journey, especially at the beginning when expectations and potential were high, slowly the discontent has assailed most of the users and their confidence has gone down.

It's not for me to judge the work done so far by the platform team, what I think is irrelevant. I don't have a crystal ball and I can't predict the future, the only thing I can do are considerations, one of them is that we are still here, unlike other platforms.

If you remember some time ago we had a promotion, well it failed miserably. Narrative turned out to be a scam and Hyperspace from one day to the next with 24 hours notice closed everything and disappeared into nothing, both with science fiction justifications.

The only one left is Publish0x, which is very promising but does not allow to have two accounts, so the 7 votes per day of my profile are too small to define them a real support.

Scorum Italia has tried, I was one of the last of the team to believe in it and be active, I fully understand the thoughts of my friends, with them we created a great group, tight-knit and tenacious, a shame it all ended in a few months.

They turned out to be great people and if the opportunity arises in the future we will work together again.

Personally I still enjoy organizing contests and I will continue to do so until I see your participation and support, it's only thanks to you that I keep it up.

Because of the lacking of time available I don't publish anything except Bet Roulette, months ago I was doing daily double posts with Steemit, it was too much of a burden that interfered with my personal life and so I had to make a choice, I chose the other one, and the reason I think is easy to guess.

Unfortunately 99.9...% will be a goodbye and not a see you soon, in life you have to try and we have done it, failures help to grow and you have to go on.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us and believed us, you are a simply fantastic community, you deserve more!

Thanks for everything, yours