The BitShareShare decent lending gateway of decentralized exchange provides many advantages for newcomers to both cryptorchicity exchanges and experienced traders:

BitShare provides different types of collateral market-pegged assets (AK-steady-coins) which are supported by BTS Cryptocurrency at Blockchan level. With increasing uncertainty around the Tether USDD-dollar-peaked asset, BitShareShare can provide a safe and transparent alternative for traders when the market dips.

Bishshare Wallet users have control of their own private key and a central host does a peer-to-peer trade without the need to trust to securely keep the money. It protects the security of the user rather than the need for confidence in a privately owned and centralized weak exchange company.

Low transaction fees and high transaction time mean that the traders keep their excess money because they do business instead of reducing the profits of the centralized exchange corporations.

Getting Started with OpenLedger

The open lasers and bittershare for scoring fans are not familiar with the decentralized exchange, they do not have the current time to start trading on the current secured exchange. Unlike centralized exchanges, you catch your private key with OpenLaser and BitsShare, and you can also run your own private node to do business on the exchange. No country can stop it and any central failure can jeopardize your wallet.

Make your open laser wallet. Choose between wallet mode or account mode. In short, the Wallet mode is more secure and gives you offline backup of your wallet, while it is easier for beginners to start account mode but provide less security. See this post for details on what's best for you.

Transferring SCR to Open Laser

Once you've created your wallet, click on "Deposit / Expiration" on the top menu bar and type SCR in the search box. Then click on the icon under "Deposit"

3. It will bring the deposit window with the address of open laser transfer. Click the "Get a new address" button. This will show the address and memorandum (your open laser / bitshare usernames), you will need to enter your skomam wallet.

4. Go to your Schmom Wallet and enter the correct address and memo in the "Send" tab. Check your address and memo twice! Then confirm the transfer.

5. You will see a confirmation of transfer of your transaction transaction history and your open laser account.

6. Choose the market from the list below where you want to do your SCR business

SCR / bitUSD





Transferring SCR to your score wallet from OpenLager

To withdraw SCR from Open Laser DEX, the process is quite simple. Select "Deposit / Expiration" from the top menu bar. Then find the SCR and click on the icon under "Remove"

This "Return" pop-up will bring you where you can select the amount, see the transfer fees, and enter your scorer username / address where you will get your SCR token.