According to my post on Scorum where I asked about the options to convert staked and liquid SCR, the way is as follows:

Let's check how much is one SCR worth on Hotbit right now.

It's around $ 0.01 and the only available trading pair is SCR/ETH.

So, my huge stash of SCR, staked SP included, is worth a whopping sum of roughly $ 60, fees excluded.

Is it worth the bother?

Eh, I'll do it anyway. Let's call it cleaning the house.

First, I'll send all the liquid SCR over to Hotbit.

How quickly will it arrive? ... waiting ... It's here, good!

Can I trade such a tiny amount? Let's check it out.

Apparently, I can. Suddenly I am 0.00082226 ETH richer. Hooray. Yet, when I recall what the transfer fee with ETH is ... No problem, eventually I'll sell it for BTC.

After this test was successful I can start the SP power down.


In a week I'll liberate 113.977 SCR and sell it to ETH.

Better and better

Answer to the question of why I don't stick here longer. Is it more than two years enough? I invested this and more in the summer of 2018!