I once wrote that I began to engage in laser cutting on wood, so here I am going to make a series of works of sports (in my case esport) subjects. The first ones I chose were 2 CIS clubs - Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere, the first ones have the strongest team in Dota 2, and the second ones in CS:GO.

From processing only grinding. Here I would like to find out whether you need something else? Maybe paint or make additional elements to look like 2 layers? Well, or matte \ gloss lacquer?

A little more practice and I can make top sports souvenirs. What do you think will be willing to buy them for SCR tokens (but delivery in rubles)? And what price would be appropriate? By the way, I can always make paraphernalia for a prize in someone's competition. The prizes in tokens are certainly cool, but the physical prize is always nicer.