I think a lot of people are familiar with Golos, Steemit and other steemit-like platforms. On many of them, I have more than a year and noticed a large number of differences.

  1. Anti plagiarism

Copypaste is a real scourge of such platforms, they have been trying to fight it on Golos and Steemit over the years, making bots that automatically searched for plagiarism (I mean Cheetah), flagged plagiarists etc.

In Scorum, anti plagiarism cuts % reward based on % uniqueness of the post. This is certainly not an ideal system, but it discourages plagiarists from abusing the system, because now it takes time to create a post.

2. Additional monetization

In Steemit chats have long been talking about trying additional ways of monetization, such as advertising, etc.

The last couple of months on Scorum there are ad units, rather unobtrusive. But as far as I heard, this idea is not very paying off. But rather, I mean that the team regularly tries new features.

P.S. I would use Google Adsense, imho : D

3. Run a betting platform.

IMHO, the ScorumBet betting platform in the future will pull the whole project. Because there are not so many bookmakers and betting exchanges, without commission and margin. I don't know a single one.

But there are certainly disadvantages, for example, the deposit works so far only through ETH.

4. Language domains

It is very convenient that the platform is divided into language domains, this allows the conditional Turkish blogger to write in his native language and feel at home among the speakers of his own language.

5. Scorum Development team

Again IMHO. In less than a year, they launched a blog platform and betting platform, implemented many features, launched new language domains. Team work is visible to the naked eye. Plus the work of support, in the telegram chat rooms, the community manager as well as some developers promptly answer any questions.