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With the Christmas spirit in mind, I've been thinking about what would be good for the Scorum community to move forward. To get to such ideas I first thought of what I believe is the biggest struggle to overcome.

The main point I came up with is the newbie integration. I say this at a stage where I still consider myself a newbie and where I can totally not complain about how the community has welcomed me. This is for a big part also because of my own efforts in participating in the community. Besides writing, I also upvote others, I leave comments, take part in competitions, chat with people on Telegram and Discord, and so on. This, together with actually purchasing some SCR myself has given me the kickstart I was hoping for, and despite being relatively new, I feel that I am an important part of this community already.

There are already quite some methods up and running that also help and support the new people joining the community, but I am sure there are still people that are overlooked. People who are introducing themselves to the community with zero response, or people that just keep on posting without receiving much/any feedback that will help them further.

New Article Category

I've been thinking about what I believe could help the community move forward the most. I believe that would either be an amendment of the New and Noteworthy category, or an additional category for new articles. This category should be added before all the sports categories, and after the Hot section, the Trending section, and the New and noteworthy section if that one is to stay, it could potentially replace that category perhaps.

This new article category should contain all articles that are new on Scorum and will be in that category for a maximum of 12 hours. After 12 hours they should automatically disappear. They should also disappear from the category as soon as they have reached a certain amount of rewards, let's say 10 SCR/SP. That would mean that any post earning less than 10 SCR/SP, which is less than 12 hours old is visible in that category. Yes, that would mean also your and my articles will be in there, until the article reaches 10 SCR/SP by receiving upvotes from others, and/or by upvoting yourself. Once we have such a category I would start my daily curation journey on Scorum there, before I go to check out the articles of the people I follow.

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  • This way, newbies will be more visible on Scorum to the existing community
  • Quality rewards by newbies are more likely to get at least 10 SCR/SP in rewards
  • Crap quality articles remain in the category for 12 hours maximum
  • Crap quality posters can be notified about it, which hopefully improves their behavior
  • Mediocre quality posters can receive small upvotes with feedback to increase their performance
  • Current community members come across potential new writers they want to follow
  • Having such a section will attract more people to join, as they can see we care for new joiners and assist them
  • This is an easy way to locate spammers/fraudsters and to keep an eye on them

These are eight reasons why I believe such a category would be beneficial for the community. There might be other reasons that I am overlooking at the moment, but I believe this is something that would really help new people to make a decision to join. The more genuine people join the better it is for all of us.

A few days ago, when I was browsing the main page of Scorum, I refreshed it. Suddenly all the categories were gone with the exception of the hot and trending section. I noticed it because I was unable to find the list of the ones I'm following. After that came the Soccer category with all soccer articles in the order that they were posted. There were no other sports categories. I guess the update was supposed to be slightly different and it was reverted almost immediately. A few minutes later I refreshed my screen and everything was back to normal. It seems like the development team is working on something behind the screens, potentially with the same aim, to make the platform more welcoming to newbies.

Please let me know your thoughts on the above, I'll be happy to hear from you if you share my thoughts, or that you think such an addition will be a complete failure. If you do, please state also why you believe that. In case you can come up with additional benefits as to why this category would be good, I would love to hear those as well.

Thank you for reading.