The title of this article is an important message for everyone becoming a member of this website, not just for newbies, but also for experienced visitors.

Having posted my first article only yesterday I definitely qualify as a newbie, which in my case was a good thing. I learned my lesson well, as I basically lost all the SCR that I made from the article that I posted yesterday, as well as for the comments I made on other articles.

How did I do that? Very simple! By logging out and not knowing how to sign in again. For some unknown reason I forgot to save my login key when I signed up. In general I am very secure when it comes to such important information, but this time I did not.

One of the advantages of blockchain is at the same time also a disadvantage, but only if you lose your important login key. Scorum is very safe. It's so safe that whenever you lose your login key, you will not be able to reset it through your email address, like you can do on most other websites around.

So please be smart and keep your login key with you, preferably in multiple places so that i you lose it somewhere, you still have it elsewhere. One thing I know for sure, I won't lose it ever again.

From Wikipedia to Scorum

My introduction article to Scorum is for the above mentioned reason not linked to my new profile. I you want to know about my background, how I got here and my interests, please have a look at this link: From Wikipedia to Scorum