Sport is like life;

How I enjoyed every moment of sports,I can remember those good old days when we were young,how we compete with our age mates in different sporting events,it was a good time then because we were young and it was not stressful,no thinking of what life has to bring,all we do is go out enjoy every moment of the day,and when we complete,we do it with love.

Sports brought us together,we did make friends from different area all because of the game of sports. As days and years went by my interest in soccer was stronger than the other sporting events,because of the opportunities it gives to everyone and I fell in love with soccer because of its skills like,techniques like ball control,dribbling skills,passing accuracy,body control and game intelligence;tactical knowledge,risk assessment and physical fitness;endurance,balance and coordination,speed,strength,and power and proper mindset; composure and mental strength,coachability,self motivation etc.

We did put all these skills together base on our own knowledge even though we had no coach,and as we grow older,we chose different careers and some of us continued with football,but I followed my heart,but till now am still a lover of football and sports,I still watch sporting events and support my country's football team,which is the Super Eagles of Nigeria and Chelsea fc.

Life is like sport