It's about time we started doing these here on Scorum.

Like this but with fruit. Credits: Funnyjunk

How to Participate

  • Find any sports-related shoe (preferably yours)
  • Find a piece of fruit 
  • Put the fruit inside the shoe
  • Write "Scorum" somewhere on the shoe, fruit, or anything else
  • Take the best picture you can and make a post with it. Link it in the comments below.


0.25 SCR per entry

2.00 SCR to the best shoe and fruit combination


  • One entry per person
  • All entries must be unique
  • No Photoshop or photo editing
  • No shoes that have nothing to do with sports or shoes that aren't wearable. No vegetables. Tomatoes are vegetables.

Contest closes at the very start of March 1st, 00:00:01 EST.

Winner will be picked by a GP member unaffiliated with Scorum in any way.