Scorum is an easy sell.  It's "a site mainly for sports".  

I deal with dozens of people a day on Steem, many of them end up talking to me as a member of the Steemcleaners (anti-abuse) team. The majority of them are sports fans who ended up on my court so to speak for whatever unfortunate reason - phishing victims, plagiarism, forgot to add image source, what have you - but once I take a close look at their Steemit blogs there's some real gems. "Have you herd about Scorum" is a good opening line and I tell you, no one heard about Scorum. 

A slight against Scorum? Nah. 

Here's why: It's simple to write on Scorum about a game but it's pretty hard to game it. There's no bid bots and users are genuinely reading the comments they get. You can't even get that at a bar with talk. (No one listens anymore.) What it translates to is all those scammers running Facebook 'make magic crypto now' groups aren't promoting Scorum as an easy target. It gives us what can be described as 'organic quality' - good content, diligent users, without the need for external interference. That may change in time but for now we're good.

Tavares in his new colors

Man, seeing this made me damn happy earlier.

The other thing that made me happy was seeing the transaction volume on Scorum exponentially increase.  Most of you by now know I'm part of the BRO Sports /@bro-delegate team that brought you probably the most user friendly delegate voting tool on the face of the planet. While getting some work done I set up a transaction viewer, just for my own entertainment. It's been a blast watching the exponential increase. So much so that I got to remember to shut down the page every time. 

To leave you with something mildly amusing, the other day I was browsing the news and saw a link to the Urban Dictionary:

I think it's about time we change that perception. It ain't 2006 anymore for the TML.