This is probably my first feedback/suggestion post because, I was not willing to rush into things without spending at least 3 months on the platform, which in my point of view was the minimum amount of time for a user and Scorum team to get familiar with the operation dynamics. That being said, things have changed a lot since we started our Scorum journey in June this year. Several members presented their valuable suggestions and in response, the Scorum team demonstrated an exceptional amount of energy and dedication to accommodate them, which is evident from the regular update of the blogging platform (currently 5.0) therefore, I would like to express my utmost gratitude.

Now that we have stepped forward with the launch of advertisement section and soon the betting platform, I would like to request considering some more suggestions for the coming updates, which I believe would certainly improve the writing/reading and website browsing experience, consequently adding significant value and ease for the users.

  1. Top & Bottom Keys in the Published Article:

Problem: Even though going up or down the stairs is beneficial for health but, the approach is tedious when applied to scrolling across the length of an article especially, if it contains a substantial amount of content. It may not adversely affect the reader who might go through the article just once and leave without a comment. However, it becomes difficult for the author as well as for the user who returns to check the reply to his comment.

Solution: An elevator approach with “Top” and “Bottom” keys moving along the side of the article would save considerable amount of time and effort.

2. Redirect to a Particular Comment:

Problem: We receive a notification that “A member replied to your comment” or he/she “made a comment on our post”, now the only way to reach that specific comment is to remember the commenters’ name and then go through the whole comment section to find the location of that specific comment/reply. This search moves to another difficulty level with constantly changing position of the comments in that section (with respect to upvotes on them).

Currently, clicking the notification takes us to the respective article and not even to the comment’s section and then the mentioned scrolling down problem #1 kicks in. Also, adding a response to the comment passes the ball to the commenter’s court, who if by chance is a little laid back personality would prefer to discontinue the discussion instead of the hectic search.

Solution: Direct linking of the notification to that specific comment/reply would help reach that section by just clicking on the notification.

3. Choice of Cover Photo

Problem: Most of the times we wish to write an article with a specific story/surprise and the first photo that is used during the introduction part is probably not always the one we wish to use as a cover photo. Currently, if we want some specific photo to be as a cover then it has to be the first one, which leaves us with no other choice but to bend/rearrange the story around it.

Solution: An added option in the photo toolbar with a “select as cover photo” button.

4. Right Alignment of Photo:

Problem: This is not a huge issue though but it can improve the overall readability of the post. For the languages which are written/read in left to right order, it is a little uncomfortable to have a picture on the left and continue reading on the right side.

Solution: Add a “Right alignment option” to the picture tool bar

Last but not the least..

5. Multiple Users Payout:

Problem: We are witnessing a growing number of posts with multiple users contributing to a single article such as the “Tri-sports series announcement post” and currently “Live soccer blogs contributed by multiple authors”. In addition, some articles published on Scorum were proof-read by users with advanced language skills, we also have translated articles on other domains with links to the original article. This often does not results in any reward for the back screen contributors due to lack of an option.

Solution: Multiple user post payout may be added to the option. The post publisher can define the portion of the earned reward to be automatically transferred to the other contributors, the percentage of which could be decided by the author himself or author-contributor’s mutual agreement (whatever the case may be).

At the end, once again I would like to express my gratitude to the Scorum team for all the facilities they have provided to us for writing some kick-ass articles. I am aware that the team is immensely occupied and it may not be feasible to add all the requested options instantly but, I hope they would keep these in consideration and would try their best to integrate them. I would also like to know:

What do you feel about these suggestions and anymore to add?