I think we all know what is happening on Scorum and betscorum these days. A lot of us are involved in collar-grabbing, impulsive responses, criticism, pointing fingers and much more. Especially, the backbiting and politics that is surrounding our platform right now are literally going to drown us all and I don’t understand why none of us is up for this conversation, to talk things out, to be bold and wise to communicate things with other users/groups in a normal manner. Why a suggestion is considered critical and why the users who are helping this platform are facing a massive resistance. Why everything is being misunderstood and when are we going to realize that not one member/group but this whole community has to play its role, that any platform whether blogging or betting is not going to survive without the other. That our SPs are locked up for 12 months and if we fart now, we are going to stay in that odor for the rest of the year and by the time anyone of us would get our SCRs, they would be worth nothing.

I am not here today to talk about who is right and who is wrong so let's put that all aside first. Instead, we shall talk about the unanswered questions raised by the community members, our actions towards each other, possible solutions and open talk about:

  • What to do now that SBC has wrapped up?
  • Should the fight against abuse be seized?
  • What should be the limits of those actions?
  • What is the future of betscorum?
  • What is Scorum team’s priorities?
  • Are the SBC’s allegations true?
Let's talk about it (Source)

Betscorum: SBC, alternative channel & volunteer call

First of all, in my humble opinion and personal experience as a betting platform user, scorum betting community (SBC) members were doing a thankless and hectic job. Now, hold on before jumping into any conclusions, I am not saying that nobody else is and I am not saying that everyone is perfect here. All I am saying is, they made themselves available for days and nights and made sure that they match all the bets requested by any user at any time of any SCR amount. Not only they were investing their time checking for the available odds on other exchanges for that user but were also utilizing their own liquid SCR to match them. In addition, we all know about the mega 5000 SCR giveaway initiative and they were sponsoring many of the contests on this Scorum platform that you see right now in almost every next post.

Many would argue, oh well, you know they might be getting something out of it, matching bets is not a big deal, at the end your overall sum is not in loss. Well, ok let’s agree to disagree but now that the SBC group have wrapped it up and closed those doors, here are some of my naïve questions:

  • Which one of us is up for this highly profitable task now?
  • Which one of us is going to be available for day and night to match bets with their own SCR?
  • Do we not wish to earn some SCR as they were?

The profitable seat is empty to take and let me hear the names of those volunteers

Now, below is the today’s snapshot of betscorum and none of the options have more than 100 SCR available to match, none of the fixtures have over 300 SCR matched and I would love to hear a solution for this or someone telling me that he is going to fill them up.

Current Alternative:

In order to come up with an alternative solution for this current situation, I have created a discord channel named “betscorum” or ‘B 4 betscorum”, where you can leave the snapshots of your bets to be matched, run your betscorum contests and miscellaneous stuff that was being offered by SBC before. I shall try my best with the best possible way I can contribute but, I need volunteers for this and hope many would contribute if we really care to save the dying platform.

  • I especially hope to see those members who were jumping off their grounds in Scorum social media channels, criticizing some specific group’s actions. It is time to prove that you can do better.
B 4 Betscorum (Join here)

One last question, SBC members claim that Scorum team’s focus is not on betscorum but only on the blogging platform and a member raised a very reasonable question:

“If blogging platform is going to be the main focus, what do you think, who would spend his money only to upvote the articles written by other authors”?

If these allegations are not true and there is another version of the story and I wish there is, then why none of the Scorum team members take some time out and leave a message for the community anywhere? It doesn’t take much to keep the users informed. It would only increase the faith in the product if they do.

Fight against platform abuse: I am only human after all

Again, this a thankless job that some of the known users of this platform, including myself have been performing for quite some time. These fellows are also serving this community in a great manner, wasting their time, using their own investment, their SP to flag those posts which they could use to earn otherwise. If those users were only flagging posts and not upvoting any we could say they were jealous, full of hatred and blah blah but that’s not true, they are the same who are rewarding almost all sorts of users. But, we face a backlash as well, we get hate messages, trash spam comments and flags in return, however, just think about it what if the fight against abuse is over? You would see posts of flowers upvoted by thousands of fake ids while your deserving post would be earning nothing. At the end, who would be left behind? Only those spam posts and only those users and SCR would be at the bottom of the coin ranking.

Now here too, before we jump into conclusions let me explain, “I am only human after all, I make mistakes”. I cannot be perfect, I can misjudge, misunderstand, can go over the limit and so on. It is quite possible our actions or the flagging may hurt someone but it has nothing to do with bad intentions. Here, we need understanding on both ends:

  • The user who claims that somebody abused the platform should be open for understanding and should be capable of reconsidering his approach. 
  • If the accusation is wrong, the accused person instead of firing a rocket may tell the accuser that he was mistaken in a normal way and I am positive things would be solved in peace. 
  • Just before taking anything personally or bashing the person who dares say something, please take a moment’s pause and we can always discuss the things through other means. 
We can try to clear out the misunderstandings instead of fueling them further. Is wasting time on writing a post and spending hours to fight with those users is easier than leaving a simple comment “that was a misunderstanding, let's talk and come to a solution”! 

Why the picture of the overall success of the platform or our investment vanishes so quickly? Why are we not proud that we have users who dare question no matter who? Is it not the main beauty of the decentralized platform?