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Scorum made a contest for Turkish domain and a Turkish "content stealer" @kubrakocak won this campaign. I think she has been positive discrimination because she is she.

If you check the given link above I've made a comment and asked @scorum to remove the delegated SP from her for some other issue (miscategorization of her post).

She uses Google Translate to make SHITTY and NONESENSE posts and makes money over them. Here's another example, Latests post of here:

Her latest post: https://scorum.tc/tr-tr/football/@kubrakocak/barcelona-la-liga-valencia-da-cizdikten-sonra-sevilla-ya-yoeneldi
Archived version: http://archive.is/Rvp3M

Title is nonesense, If you try to understand, it says Barcelona will play Sevilla in a shitty way. Yet Valencia is gonna play with Sevilla...

Also her shitty auto translate used the verb "Çizmek" instead of "Berabere Kalmak" for verb Draw.
You can check online dictionaries;
draw (verb): produce (a picture or diagram) by making lines and marks, especially with a pen or pencil, on paper.
draw (noun): a game that ends with the score even; a tie.

Her title says "çizdikten sonra" which is the verb... https://translate.google.com/#tr/en/%C3%A7izmek is draw
And the proper noun is "berabere": https://translate.google.com/#tr/en/berabere is also draw.

This English post: https://www.euronews.com/2018/10/08/barca-lose-liga-lead-to-sevilla-after-draw-at-valencia
Now Let's translate it on google English to Turkish;

I'm quoting a shitty line from her post;

"Şampiyonlar Barcelona, ​​bir başka Lionel Messi grevi sayesinde Valencia'da 1-1 berabere kaldı ancak son dört lig maçında hala zafere ulaşamadı"

And this line is from auto translate:
"Şampiyonlar Barcelona, ​​bir başka Lionel Messi grevi sayesinde Valencia'da 1-1 berabere kaldı ancak son dört lig maçında hala zafere ulaşamadı."

Also this line is taken from auto translate;
"Katalanlar, Arjantinli defans oyuncusu Ezequiel Garay'ın yakın mesafeden evine sığınmasına izin verdikten sonra, bir köşedeki korkunç bir savunmadan sonra, geri dönen bir Mestalla stadyumunda ikinci dakika geride kaldı."

You can find lot's of lines like this...

You can check rest of the post. It's clearly auto translate and it's used for just money.

I would like to ask @scorum management for removal of the delegated SP from her. Also please neg flag her post so this scammer doesn't make a penny that she doesn't deserve...