Hi friends, it's been a while here and am happy to be back from my fleeting break. Though I haven't been making blogs of recent because of my engagements, I've been jumping in to make few curation while keeping my ears on the ground. The platform developers have been inundated with lots of criticisms, and opinions have continued to pour in as regards the state of Scorum. That's just a sign that many still care about the project irrespective of the side they take.

The price of the product continues to dwindle drastically from $1 ICO price, easily influenced on exchange and without much Volume. While many have lost hope on the team and the possibility of SCR staging a comeback, others have even powered down/powering down their SP to sell it off at such low price and see if they can make anything out of it.

That's pathetic and you can't really blame them though, it's theirs anyway. I can't contemplate sending my SCR coins to exchange at such a low price, I mean, it's of no worth.

So Why Not Hodl and Let's Build Castles in the Air, You just can't tell what tomorrow holds.

Yah, the Scorum team may appear a bit clueless(you can edit that word for me) currently on how to navigate the product through this troubling waters, but it seems they haven't thrown in the towel just yet. Personally, I find it hard to believe that a team will put so much effort to build a platform of this magnitude and then abandon it at this stage.

No doubt, the developers are one of the worst marketing team many of us have seen in recent times, and rarely communicate with the community as regards future updates until the community will have to squeeze it out from them. Scorum's social media presence is at it's Lowest state and that's one of the best ways to project unseriousness to the outside world and possible investors.

However, the team have got what makes them thick, and that's building something strong and reliable. Nothing good comes easily many will say, and it's better to deliver a stellar product that will stand the test of time, and this gives many of us a reason to stay committed to the product. With @vlad having promised an imminent update on the situation of things, I think we need more patience with them and perhaps help them with ideas if any.

Let's just enjoy the platform for now and allow passion fuel our drive. I've met some awesome people here already and interacting with them is fun also, I wouldn't wanna stop hearing from them any time soon. It's now obvious it's gonna be a long journey, but we may be the MVPs if we hodl and help make it a better product.