Okay, so I get a message about this contest called shoe + fruit, my friend @guiltyparties is doing, and how I am missing out and whatnot. And I just ran out of fruit, so I made a trip to the store to get some more, and what you are looking at here is 1 Grade A Sunkist Orange, and a Fila Shoe.

I should have bought a marker too, because mine just happened to run out.. talk about timing. That put my plans up in smoke, because I wanted to make it a basketball, oh well shit happens I guess. And you can tell I do not run in these shoes. I gave up running after I left the Army, and my running days are over. Finished... Done... Kaput!

Anyhow, I can actually say absolute certainty, this is all @snook's fault! Yeah, she made me do it... AGAIN!

So here is my entry, enjoy. :-D

You can take part in the contest too, just click here!