I want to address below my experience and my my thoughts about Scorum future ecosystem.

I found out about scorum from another content creator reading hes article, so i decided to try it on and write my own first article few hours after publishing my article i found out on comments sector people liked my content and also i can get a small reward, i felt great that people enjoy reading my article's about sport's and decided to write more frequently about things i like, MMA,Football,Poker .

Ι will try to explain why helping new content creators can be beneficial for entire ecosystem.

Boost content creator motivation

Every content creator when public's hes content expect feedback from crowd and feel motivated when people applause hes work vice versa content creators tend to quickly disappointed and give up.

Raise awareness and advertisement for scorum platform

More content creators equals with higher advertisement from their social media like facebook , twitter ,wechat etc as a result higher awareness for scorum platform.

Growth of content creator pool and subjects

Supporting content creators will have as result continued growth about sport subjects and content creators pool.

Feel free to comment below about your opinion on this subject.