So, a scorum user, who also likes poker, invited me to write better articles on the platform, and I will try to follow his advice.

I am so used to markdown and html, as I am building websites and also use the Steem platform that I must admit this editor seems weak.

First question : Is there any way to use a better editor ? Columns, embedded pictures, videos, headers & titles are nice tools to add, but in this tool I can barely put pictures one above another, but no indentation.

Second question: I sometimes tag people in my articles, in steem you only had to use the @username technique, but here, it seems to be just like normal text. Do I need to use another sign? or use the embed ?


As you noticed, I am Belgian, so my mother language is French, I speak Dutch also, making English my third spoken language, I hope you will excuse my syntax and grammar errors, as they will appear every know and then.

I will do my best to avoid them :) As I checked out and found the French community to be almost absent from Scorum, so English is the path to go.

And, NO :), I do not use Google's translator, its results are often worse than if you write it down yourself :)

Be sure I will continue to play poker on site, and will report my progress, I could also try to write some articles on other sports I like.

See you soon and thank you for your support.