Hi scorum,

I am Tega, from Nigeria and a first timer on scorum. I got to know about scorum from a thread shared by someone with the moniker: tosyne2much on a poplar online forum in my country known as nairaland.com and I'm much pleased to be here.

I joined scorum because it's an all-about sports' platform where you can share your thoughts, connect with other sport's fans and read interesting latest stories and happenings in the sporting world. I am a Chelsea fan and I love the game of soccer to the core and my being here is to share my love for the game of soccer with like minded individuals and also catch some fun along the line.

I believe my being here will not be a waste of time and every moment I'll share with you here and you with me will be worth it. So I just want to ask you guys to give me a welcoming applause so as to be sure that you guys have got my back.

Thank you! Thank you! Yes.....that's a wonderful applause and I appreciate it. You'll see more of me as we sail together in this scorum cruise. Thanks for the welcome!