I have been keeping an eye on the 24 hour volume of trading for SCR/ETH on hotbit. For the past several days it's gone from 20-30k range down to virtually zero! Have the Hotbit bots finally stopped creating fake volume trades on the platform? Or was it a case that certain users were buying the SCR token and no longer are.

Today Sistemkoin of all exchanges have been outperforming Hotbit for volume with $800 as opposed to Hotbit's measily $15!

One is for sure, no one is wanting to buy into SCR even at the price $0.02. There is one reason for this - no one believes in SCR and Scorum enough to buy into the platform for fear of the coin's complete collapse in price reflected in the community sentiment regarding the platforms lack of development and marketing.

It's easy to register and write here, there's no sacrifice of investment there except time, but no one is wanting to touch the coin from an investment point of view. For me this collapse in volume is positive because it will finally start to reflect the reality of the coin and it's current state.

Will the Summer bring a complete turn around in the fortunes of this community or will there be further pain ahead?