Good day everyone,

My name is Steven Moses, a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Writer, Blockchain Lecturer. I have been on Crypto Social Networks for quite some time (2006) but took a break because of covid which successfully shut down finances for internet browsing and miscellaneous.

*** Special thanks to @tosyne2much for bringing up to speed on scorum. He has been a blessings and always talking about Scorum which eventually got my attention recently.***

I have studied Scorum a bit thoroughly and I know I am capable and willing to write good articles and start my usual virtual meetup for Scorum with little or no assistant as a confident time manager, researcher, versatile, and excellent communicating skilled man.

I have worked as a social media manager and operations manager and hereby have full management and organization capability. I am good at proofreading, editing, finding necessary emails, and compiling them with the urgency of the clients. Online marketing is one of my areas of concentration with a recent certificate in Google Ads. Also, I can provide 60 hours of service a week to my client if anyone need my expertise here on scorum.

I am looking forward to gaining more experience as a blogger, blockchain lecturer and also looking forward to seeing great articles on Scorum either sports or normal articles.

See you around.