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What's your goal for Scorum?

Newbies can be pretty confused on how to contribute to the Scorum community and get rewards for whatever they do. To earn as much as you can? That's a great goal. 

Do you know that you can make Scorum grow faster than it is?

Ever since I joined, my goal has been to talk to as much people as I can. I have been able to reach out to four groups but I wrote about only one because the others have excuses for their inability to come on board.

To read the original Bounty Post by @ScorumBountyClick Here

A Way to Contribute on Scorum and Earn Legitimately is to join the Community Bounty:

Source: Telegram Group

How to join the Community Bounty Program

There are  ways to join the Scorum Community Bounty Program.

#1. Scorum Translators / Proofreaders.

Translators help the community translate articles to and from their native languages while Proofreaders check for misspellings and grammatical errors.  

Fill this form to join translators and proof readers.

#2. Writers Program by filling this form. 

Source: Telegram Group

Writers are rewarded the most because they contribute the most. Join by filling this form.

#3. Promoters Program. 

Source: Telegram Group

Promoters share links on other web pages and get rewards for what they do. Fill this form to get on board.

#4. Community Partner Program. 

Source: Telegram Group

Partners represent Scorum at offline events. They host meetups and bring people to the Scorum community. Join by answering this quiz. You will be interviewed and then you can get rewards from contributing to the community.

Community partners get lots of rewards for the job they do.

Join any of these and you will see yourself in the top front in a short time.

Do not hesitate to join the Scorum Community on Telegram.

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Information Source: @scorumbounty