In my quest as a community partner on Scorum, one question people ask is how to withdraw the SCR earnings from the platform.

I decided to make this video so you can also share it in your quest as a promoter of this platform.

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You can also use the video as a guide to make your first withdrawal. It is very easy. 

Step 1

Log in to your accounts; Scorum Wallet and Openledger

Step 2

Transfer from Scorum to '@openledger' on Scorum using your Openledger/Bitshares username as memo

'jot-max' is my username/wallet address. Openledger is hosted on Bitshares.

You must send 'SCR' to your openledger username.

Do not make a mistake.

I received it and it took about 15 seconds to reflect.

I had 1.9 SCR before in my openledger account.

It increased by 29 so the transfer is successful 

 I'm Jotmax and my mission is to contribute in all possible ways to the growth of the Scorum community.

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