'Sup my sport fans!

So there's this one guy who thinks all of our posts should be unique.

U N I Q U E, that's funny you say. I thought people were here to talk about stuff they liked, from their own unique perspective already.

What exactly is unique, you tell me?

                                 If I put text right here, is that unique?

How about...



Maybe. Maybe not.

We all want to do well on this platform I think and flagging a post for not being unique should not be a good enough reason.

We should thrive to have a good subject and original content, being unique will come in time, when there will be more competition on this platform.

I don't disagree with uniqueness being good for the platform

Don't let the platform sink!

Actually I think we need more uniqueness here.

If we want people to come we need posts that S T A N D from the crowd.

Make us laugh, make us cry, be human and put some emotions in those posts for god's sake.