You know who im speaking of.. After their 20th HardFork there was fail again (not the first time) and currently loads of users cant post or comment and even those who can have no voting power.

It seems it will be 3-5 days till things go back to normal but i also remember once HF failed and made things worse or a month or two.. So we will see how bad it is really.

So while people take vacations of there i assume sports lovers will come here especially that these servers work flawlessly since ive joined.

Since a lot of people came here lately and they may not know how or where to find SCR here is short guide.

Its for now on OpenLedger, decentralized no KYC exchange. Just REGISTER THERE

Deposit some coins and buy SCR then send back here.

There is plenty of markets.

Here are few less known:

SCR / CNY market

SCR / STEEM market

SCR / EXCL market

SCR / OBITS market

Im addicted to writing and im really happy i found place here, hope all readers who came from me or who found this post will see useful thing init.