We are after a nice update on Scorum system that had two cool changes.

Plagiarism fix - i think the original one was too strict, especially in sports when you often quote a score or something.

Advertising platform - i like that site wants to get the incentive and it started it, especially that this niche is big. Not clear how they will share ads cost with users but im sure this will be somewhere written (or already is).

They also speak of minor fixes but that's hard to predict or notice if you didn't run into such bug.

Yet here is what I think would make Scorum a better experience for writers and readers

  • HTML option - some of us are skilled enough to code stuff there to look good instead of using the GUI
  • Pasting images or at least hotlinking - this is the most problematic part. We have to save an image to HD, upload it.. We could just save it to clipboard or at least let system embed images from URLs like it lets videos
  • Witness voting - I know this is hidden to make the site more clear but maybe it could be somewhere in advanced options of wallet.
  • Draft autosave - so far I've never lost article here but in future, with many users, this can happen, autosave would be good to precaution this

And what do you guys think of those or maybe have other ideas?