Bitcoin is cryptocurrency , and it is big trust asset this time on internet. every company and person will accept bitcoin payment without any hesitation. so we can say here that coming years are the years of crypto curency. 

here i wana explain it that how bitcoin playing vital role in sports,. this time when we search google and try to find that if one person wana buy fifa russia world cup ticket , he can buy with bitcoin , there will be one major option to buy ticket and pay bitcoin. bitcoin is big asset that is being used this time in all over the world.

last month here in my europe france, was local level boxing match,, there was only one opition to buy ticket , deposit bitcoin get ticket at your home.

i got that ticket i paid just 0.0007 satoshi

there are alot of clubs and players in local level and international you can buy their service just with bitcoin asset. in shorts words i wana explain it that Bitcoin continues to gain wider acceptance by the marketplace at large, consumers are finding creative and useful ways to spend their cryptocurrency.

investment in sports,  betting in sports club, in players ,in games, it is very easier this time with you bitcoin. not only bitcoin there are many other coin that you can use for this purpose like stellar, ripple, ehtereum, litecoin, trx, there are many ,,more crypto coin

last month i bought one sports book from one trader, i transfred to her stellar xlm and she posted to me book about one best player in cricket  world cup 1996. 

there are thosand website that are supporting cryptocurrency sports betting for example

Here are the Bitcoin Betting Sites we like – July 2018 List:

Cloudbet is no.1 for bitcoin betting and bitcoin cash betting having introduced the world's most advanced accessible from your desktop or smartphone.

Bitcoin Betting benefits from Bitcoin’s unique features. The main benefits are anonymity, almost instant deposits and withdraws and a wide variety of betting choices in the gaming sites. Here is the Bitcoin’s unique features explained in more detail.

there hundred site ,if you lover of poker, betting, casino,you can play just with bitcoin and crypto currency.

How get bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for sports betting

dear scormian friends it is very easy , you need to just register your account on any best reputed exchaang,e thee are many crypto exchange, like bittrex, binnace, kucoin, polonix, and registred your account and buy bitcoin , these exchange are cryptocurrency exchange, you can get from these exchange every crypto currency that you can use for buying betting, or wana invest in sports,. after buying crypto 

login to your favorite site,  or you wana send your currency to any  other sports clubs you just enter withdraw addres and in second payment done.

here is question that we can use or this time bitcoin is only using in betting , no no 

this time i came to know you can buy sports clubs share, players service, any time of investment you wana do in sports you can do by crypto currency and bitcoin is major basic crpto currency.

scorum is also crypto currency and in future we will be able to use it in also invesment. dear friends here my request is that only work and do transaction with trusted trader,

here in last i wana close my post with these words that scorum is best place where we can not only earn, also get more more best information about sports, and in future coming days our scorum coin will be leading coin in crypto currency markets,

and scorum will be next moon, and base of crypto currency. use socrum work on scorum honestly , scorum is our asset and we are its lover. 

Dear user of scorum , your every post in scorum plate forum is not only post or text it is your passive scorum assets, and every one wana increase its assets, come join, invite freinds, and increase own and friends assest , i am really thanks full to all scorum team for prividing such handsome plate forum to increase asset of scorum