This is not a freaky Friday contest article but just a post inspired by love for the contest and curiosity about the beautiful story behind it.

On the early hours of Christmas day, I said to myself I wasn’t going to write any post that day but my hands were itching to open the Scorum site, so I picked up my phone and I soon found myself in @Pete profile reading old post of his that I stumbled on the first freaky Friday contest post.

Week one

This wonderful contest kick started On September 29, 2018. According to the host he said in the post that the contest was inspired by the movie “Freaky Friday” a whopping 67 SCR was placed on it as the wining price.

The first contest topic was really a weird one though a video was pasted on the contest post and the rules were watch the video and write a story about what you see in the video and of all the sports in the world I wondered what made @Pete picked “Roley-Poley-Ringy-Boardy-Doorsy” as the topic of interest.

Surprisingly just one entry was summited for that week and the winner @Ablaze was rewarded the whole price for his beautiful post.

Second week

If you read the comment session of week one carefully they were complaints about the use of video as source for the week’s topic which @Pete promised to switch to using pictures and so, he made the changes for the second week using a picture of three guys playing Quidditch.

The contest would have stopped because @Pete was not encouraged by just one-person participating in a big contest as these. Thank goodness he continued with it.

Words from pete

Once again it was @Ablaze won the contest for the second time in a row, you can check out the post here and read how he played around Harry Potter, coach Mourinho and Manchester United, lovely content I must say.

Week three

Before I say anything else, I will like to commend @Austino and @Stanleyasokingz who took the bold step and joined the contest at the third week. And I am sure our host most have felt some joy having new comers into the battle.

And of course the new boys didn’t disappoint, new comer’s new winners. Believe me I have read 98% of freaky Friday post but none is compared to the winning post by @stanleyasokingz it was freaky, funny and of course entertaining, let me spare you the praises, you should read it yourself to find out what I am saying. Congrats to the new winner.

Personal Experience

I saw the freaky Friday contest post right from the first week I joined and I can recall I saw a post on the front page by @Ablaze titled “on a freaky Friday I realized global warming was real”. I read through the post and I really enjoyed it and I think it was the winning post for that week.

I hooked up with my fellow Nigerian bloggers @Austino and @Stanleyasokinz who put me through on how to participate in the contest and I was delighted to join the contest with my first article “on a freaky Friday I saw terror”.

The to be sincere the contest is really a challenging one and if you must win you have to write top notch article to win the big prize. And I am so looking forward to when I get my hands on the big prize myself.

I want to cease this opportunity to appreciate all the participants of the freaky Friday contest, the judges and to those who have in one way or the other supported the contest you guys are amazing.

share your thoughts about the Freaky Friday contest and tell us which article has stood out for you so far.

Thanks for reading..👏👏