Thou art welcome to "share" this invitation on thy social media platforms

By Lannie Brockstein

August 31st, 2019

WHEN A PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM HATH SUNK SO LOW IN THE STANDINGS THAT IT CAN DANCE THE LAMBADA BETTER THAN AN EWOK ON CORRELIAN CRACK, it can usually only return to respectability after its front office and roster have gone through a lengthy rebuilding process.

Along with some luck, it usually requires a down in the dumps professional sports team five to six years in order for it to become a championship contender every year.

There is no such thing as a social media platform drafting bloggers out of high school, the way that the N.H.L., M.L.B., N.B.A., and the N.F.L. draft hockey, baseball, basketball, and football players out of high school. It is not possible for Scorum to draft the blogging world’s version of Sidney Crosby, or Mike Trout, or LeBron James.

But a grassroots movement at the Scorum community can do the equivalent, by means of its inviting to Scorum all high school and university students whom aspire to become professional sports bloggers, because at Scorum they are welcome to freely practice their talent for blogging, whilst earning for themselves some Scorum cryptocurrency in the process, along with their learning from the Scorum community about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Furthermore, if the Scorum community’s culture evolves so that it is only ever encouraging and nurturing towards all those whom aspire to be a professional blogger (tough love is a form of mindless hatred and thus it is anti-social—and whatever is anti-social is anti-Scorum), then it is likely that after five or six years, Scorum will have some All-Star bloggers on its roster from its community having helped to develop them—the same way that professional sports teams draft players out of high school in order to develop them during the next five or six years, in the hope that they will have a storied career as a professional hockey, baseball, basketball, or football player, along with some of them becoming All-Stars, and with some of those All-Stars becoming Hall of Fame players, too.

Thus doth I saith that the Scorum community needeth not only hire bloggers, as @tuck-fheman in his recent “Help Scorum Succeed : Buy a Blogger Not a Platform” post hath suggested. The Scorum community can do the equivalent of drafting its bloggers, too!

Thus doth I saith that the goode ole Scorum community has the opportunity to forme a grassroots movement, from its participants having agreed in their hearts to regularly post and distribute invitations to Scorum to those in high school and those in university, and those at sports stadiums and arenas whom aspire to become professional sports bloggers—by means of those grassroots movement members regularly posting paper Scorum-invitations on the public bulletin boards of their local grocery stores, as well as on busy sidewalk streetposts, and in bus shelters that are near high schools and universities and sports stadiums and arenas, and at those stadiums and arenas. Another idea is for grassroots members to hand out paper Scorum-invitations at tailgating parties before and after their local sporting events.

I suggest that this very “Scorum Forum” itself be where members of this grassroots movement are welcome to regularly post fun and humourous selfies of themselves posting and distributing paper Scorum-invitations at their local grocery stores, busy sidewalk streetpoles, bus shelters, and at their local sporting events.

Other grassroots members will probably upvote those Scorum-invitation posts that doth showeth selfies which prove that their author did in fact post and distribute paper Scorum-invitations to the general public. Those posts will probably encourage others at Scorum to become grassroots members who regularly post and distribute paper “Scorum-invitations to aspiring professional sports bloggers” at their local grocery stores, busy sidewalk streetpoles, and taping those paper invitations onto the glass walls of the bus shelters in the city where they live, and at stadiums and arenas.

Perhaps those of ye whom are interested in acting upon this idea can host a contest for “best Scorum-invitations to those whom aspire to be professional sports bloggers” which its grassroots members can then download and have printed onto paper at their local printing shop.

This post includes the following 8.5" x 11" poster that I have made, and which the Scorum community is welcome to download, print, and distribute:

Perhaps whomever at Scorum’s development team is responsible for making the professional-looking images of the ads at Scorum can also make some professional-looking images for the Scorum community that are “Scorum-invitations to aspiring professional sports bloggers”, in order for those invitations to be downloaded, printed, and then posted at grocery stores, busy sidewalk streetpoles, bus shelters, and sports stadiums and arenas!

It can be expensive to regularly print thousands of pages of Scorum-invitations over five or six years. But such invitations do not need to be the size of an entire page, and if the invitation has on it what is called a QR Code (made from a free online QR Code generator) that looks like a square bar code, then it can be photographed/scanned by the invitee’s smartphone (their smartphone might be required to download a free ads-free QR Code Bar Scanner app at the Google Play Store). To further reduce costs, there can be four Scorum-invitations printed onto one page, so that the person printing them can make each page of standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper into four invitations. Each paper Scorum-invitation should have a QR Code on it, and when the paper Scorum-invitation is taped to the public bulletin boards of grocery stores, the busy sidewalk streetpoles, and bus shelters, it should not crumpled or taped over and thus so that it is able to be properly scanned by smartphones.

The Scorum community cannot draft bloggers out of high school and university in order to develop them into professional sports bloggers. But it can form a grassroots movement that regularly invites to Scorum those high school and university students whom aspire to be professional sports bloggers, and it can help the Scorum community's culture to further evolve so that it only ever helpful towards those students whom aspire to develop their talent for sports blogging.

Implementing this long-term idea of regularly posting and distributing paper Scorum-invitations to those whom aspire to become professional sports bloggers can accomplish the same goal as though it were possible for Scorum to draft bloggers, the same way that the N.H.L, M.L.B., N.B.A., and N.F.L. already draft talented amateur hockey, baseball, basketball, and football players in order to help develop them into professional athletes during the next five to six years.

Helping to make this long-term grassroots movement in the Scorum community to happen can help Scorum to become a championship-level sports blogging platform.