Good morning everyone, with a heavy heart, I write to make everyone aware of the struggles I have been undergoing for over 20 days now. it started on the 25th of November when my account was Trust wallet was hacked and the hacker made away with all my coins on that wallet. Luckily for Me, I had two other trust wallets and I thought that would be the end of that experience.

I was wrong as the hacker struck again on the 30th of November and 1st of December and this time it was much more brutal. All my exchange account were attacked and another trust wallet of mine and it was then I realized that my Gmail account has been hacked. All my keys were saved on my Gmail and that is a big mistake that I will repeat going forward.

Without wasting much of everyone's time reading, My hotbit account was hacked too and that led to my 5000 SCR being stolen as the hacker converted the coin to BTC and transferred it out of my account. Just on the 13th of December, I noticed that my liquid SCR on scorum has been transferred to another account on scorum and that was not a transaction I executed. It was executed by the hacker.

To make matter worse, the hacker created a scorum account and transferred my liquid SCR to his newly created account on scorum. I am using this medium to alert everyone on the scorum platform that the account @dogeredd is a scam account and relating with the account not will not end well.

Also, I am calling on the scroum team to help me with my SCR recovery and also free the @dogeredd account on scorum. My Stolen SCR still seats pretty on his scorum account. KINDLY DO SOMETHING Fast about it.

ALSO, I WILL NOT BE POSTING ON THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE, KINDLY FOLLOW ME ON @lebey2 as that is where I will be dishing my sports post now. Kindly ensure to follow me on @lebey2 and also show some love and support on my new account. Thank you for reading