You wonder when was the first part? well! It was at the beginning of this platform, a few months ago I wrote an article about the platform and some thoughts I had back then, but time has passed and new thoughts have settled in my head. Also after being in the battlefield yesterday with my last post I prefer to rest with this writing.

One word and I know that a good part of you have not heard it before, Bakkt!

What the fuck is that? Is it possible to eat? not in fact not, you will see unlike other stock markets, our beloved bitcoin father of decentralization is very, very small in terms of capitalization, it really sucks.

But it is this same lack of capitalization that drives the dictates of the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and what does Bakkt have to do with it? Bakkt is the most beautiful son born from the hand of giant companies that have been thinking for 5 years to regulate a giant exchange of bitcoin futures.

His date of birth, which had already been delayed from December 12 of this year to January 24, 2019, has great expectation for the whole world of cryptocurrencies! why?

Basically speaking and without deepening much, will offer liquid contracts in btc that will be valued direct from bitcoin to US dollars in quantities of 1, this to us as people with miserable capital does not concern us but Bakkt has a different objective from us, the institutional capital.

You will see buying large amounts of bitcoin, currently for institutions it is quite difficult and daredevil, and the keyword is regulation But Bakkt takes control of the roles, and hand in hand with the SEC and other authorities that have to do with wallstreet, will allow powerful figures to enter the bitcoin market very easily. Also, although it seems paradoxical because it goes against what bitcoin and other cryptos mean, Bakkt will function as "custodian" of the private keys of the investors, basically it will be a bank of the new millennium.

This brings a major disadvantage morally because we have not been able to stop the centralization of bitcoin at the hands of institutional investors and Bakkt is going to increase that by allowing many more to enter the market. But hey, that's only for those who care more about the scope of cryptocurrencies as a natural currency for daily transactions.

On the other hand, the advantages and that Scorum has to do in the equation.

First the entrance of Bakkt is inevitable and from January 24 expect a growing and constant, although perhaps not so volatile grown of the market capitalization of bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Scorum is valued in bitcoin, not in dollars as you think, because the only one that quotes in dollars is bitcoin.

Assuming that Scorum manages to keep its price of 2993 satoshis, but bitcoin becomes worth $ 19665, this would make scorum worth $ 0.58 cents and make us earn 500% of our money compared to what we have at this precise moment. And that is in the worst case, because on the other hand we have the natural case which is, that scorum has a growing supply and demand within the market. As you know and it is a pretty strong point, our currency is deflationary and better still we have a supply quite low just 9 million more than bitcoin which gives us a free pass to climb in a fairly easy price if we manage to capitalize.

It is already in the team of scorum to go constantly adding new exchanges, because we can make a metaphor of the best object in the world

"If the best object in the world exists, but only sold in a dark alley, the best object in the world will be bought?"

That is why we should be increasingly in different exchanges, for the simple fact of being more available to other investors and traders.

The only thing I can assure you my dear colleagues is that scorum is currently completely underestimated, due to the bear run we have had all year, the fact that we are just following the roadmap because it is a new project, the short catalog of exchanges and something that I would really like it to be changed, it is the circulation supply of scorum in coinmarket cap because I believe that the amount shown is not the correct one, unless we have the reward pool and the sp that are frozen in our account as Scorum circulating in that case, I would be totally wrong.

I would wait for scorum at a price over $ 10 from the start of the whole year by Bakkt and the other platforms that plan to do the same. So my friends, I see you in the vallhalla.

You are all condemned to success if you stay in scorum.