There is a positive trend welcomed by market players for the release of SCR Coin on Hotbit Exchange. After the release of SCR Coin on the Chinese market, SCR Coin trading increased sharply around 15,000 Percent in a week. Amazing !!!

SCR Coin Trading Volume (Foto:

(15000% increase in data is taken from the daily average volume for 1 week before release on HotBit, 18-24 October, and compares it with the average trading volume for 6 days on the HotBit site, 25-30 October).

Previously, SCR Coin could only be exchanged on Exchange OpenLedger only. The daily trading volume is relatively very small. If taken an average number of weeks before SCR Coin is released on HotBit, the value is around $ 518.7 only. In fact, when viewed from the statistics, there was once a SCR Coin trade that was only worth $ 7 a day, namely on October 7, 2018.

Once released on Exchange, SCR Coin's trading volume jumped dramatically. The first day traded, broke the value of $ 10.156, the second day fell slightly to $ 9,189. Then on the third day it almost doubled to $ 16,586. Next was $ 10,057 on the fourth day, then rose 18-fold on day five of $ 180,385 and on the sixth day managed to reach a record high, which reached $ 244,252.

Although indeed, this surge could be triggered by the existence of SCR Coin trading contests or contests on (the race info is done see here: follow the 35-000-scr-total-prize-hotbit-scramble-trading-contest), but at least this could be an indicator, that SCR Coin can be accepted by market participants.

Will this affect the value of the SCR Coin? Very good! Although indeed, trading volume that has increased with a significant number has not been able to raise a value of around $ 0.2 per SCR Coin, but I am very sure, that SCR Coin will be able to rise even higher.

My prediction, until the end of 2018, the SCR Coin value will reach a minimum of $ 0.5 per coin. What about your prediction?