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I'm launching an experiment and I would love to have you be a part of it. For the next 10 weeks (at least), I'm going to run a 200 SCR "Fund This Idea!" contest.

If you're tired of contests, I don't blame you, and I think you'll see that this is a little different and less self-serving than you might think. Let's jump into the details, and then if you're still interested, please read more about why I'm doing this and how to enter below.

What is "Fund This Idea!"?

Fund This Idea! is a weekly initiative that I will host for the next 10 weeks. Each week, a total of 200 of my SCR will be up for grabs. The prize will go to the idea that meets the following criteria:

  • Benefits the community
  • Can be completed with just 200 SCR or less
  • Is creative

Note: I may bend on one of these, so still submit your ideas in the comment section.

That's it. It can be crazy or simple, take 1 minute or 10 hours, as long as it meets these criteria, it will be considered. The 200 SCR will go to one community member or be split among multiple members. The decision is completely subjective and up to the judge or judges (currently, this is just me) to decide.

Why I'm Doing This

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I'm starting Fund This Idea! for several reasons. First, I want to help move the community forward in a positive direction however I can. I have not been able to spend much time here lately and may not in the near future, so this is my way of trying to help others make a bigger impact here.

I have weekly distributions of SCR that were once intended to be used to support the betting platform. Since I am not able to use the platform until our laws change, I want to do something with it. I still plan to host the Little @Mikey Poker Series, but wanted to do something for the non-poker crowd as well, so here we are.

My hope is that the community will come up with fun and impactful ways to use SCR tokens. Don't worry, I don't expect you to change the world with 200 SCR. This could be something as simple as getting you to Pro and explaining what you'll do for the community once you'll get there (although I hope there are some better ideas than that. You could also host your own competition, sell it to execute some small marketing campaign, or something else. Start thinking!

The Rules

I'm going to keep this simple. I want as many entrants as possible. I also want to keep this easy for me to manage and beneficial for you to win. I understand that 200 SCR isn't a lot when looking at the current price, but I feel that it is still a nice little amount that can help some people here on Scorum experiment, invest, give, share or do something helpful for the community or fun.

To enter, you must be in good standing and have not plagiarized content on Scorum. Bonus points will be given to users who have been here and active, although new members are welcome to submit (I just need to know you are a real person and not using a group of accounts).

Submit by sharing your idea in the comment section. You do not have to write a post, however, fully explaining your idea in a post will likely increase your chances of winning. I recommend explaining your idea, sharing why you think this will be beneficial for the Scorum community, and stating how much SCR you are requesting.

The winner will be decided by Friday at midnight (Central) and the SCR will be transferred at that time. Entries will be accepted until Thursday at 11:59 PM Central.

Enter Now

What would you use 200 SCR to do? Enter your idea in the comment section below. At worst, I'll upvote your comment.

Note: If you would like to contribute to increase the prize pool, be a judge, or tell me what a bad idea this is, please comment below or contact me on Discord.

Good luck and thanks for playing along! Feel free to share your thoughts about this contest below as well. If there are no good ideas, I'll roll over the 200 SCR to the next week.