Hello everyone.

in my previous post about the extreme fluctuations in the price of the scorum that the SCR trading volume was very small (less than 1 BTC) causing the SCR price to fluctuate very extreme. this time I just want to update the development of Scorum Coin prices along with the increasing number of users and a significant decrease in trading volume.

when this post I wrote the Scorum Coins price is $ 0.313036 USD in fiat or 0.00004306 BTC. I still categorize this price as stable in this week with the margin difference between 0.00004 - 0.00005 BTC.

the increase in the number of users continues to increase from time to time, when I first joined the Scorum platform the number of users was only around 12,000 and that was about one month ago, today the number of users is over 20,000 or more precisely 20234, an increase of about 8000 users in one time month.

this is a remarkable achievement for Scorum and I am sure this number will continue to increase along with the many promotions made by developers and users.

the thing that becomes a big question mark is the amount of trading volume continues to decline for a week, inversely proportional to the increase in the number of users. in my past post I said less than 1 BTC but today only 0.05 BTC or $ 343 USD. it's very small to trade a crypto currency and also the Scorum ranking goes down to 1000+ on coinmarketcap.com along with shitcoins.

Scorum Coins is an attractive crypto currency and I invest around 13,000 SCR here because I'm sure Scorum will one day become a good platform to beat other competitors. I also hope that someday SCR will be in the top 100 marketcap along with other big coins.