Flagging simply means when a member of the community tend to show some disapproval for a comment or post by down voting or making sure such post or comment doesn’t get the reward( earned SCR) it has as a result of spam, plagiarism of work or when an account tend to abuse or exploit the system when a member make a post on the community the primary aim is to pass an information and the second is to earn a reward for his or her post usually through the different upvoting powers readers deemed fit for the post but a situation when the opposite is the case: where a user tend to deny an account or post its reward simply because of allegation or misconception about the idea of the writer should be condemn by all community member especially those with much influence in the community.

The first time I heard of flagging on this platform was on a good not where some respected scorum whale devoted their time to fight abuse in the system @swolesome and @Tales in particular and there were one thousand and one reasons given why such post was an abuse. Frankly speaking I must give kudos to these individuals and many other who spend so much to give vigil of this platform. They are like our guarding angels prevent us from being hunted at night.

The issue of flagging seems to be another ugly incident trying to raise its ugly head in scorum community as people have started opening up about the issue. I saw an allegation where someone decided not to blog because of flagging brawl. These are not what we want from this platform.

As situation where flagging is employed as weapon of war to settle scores will not do the community much good. Unnecessary use of the flagging system will defeat the aim of the first sport crypto platform. I must remind us once again that different fans as well as the assistant referee behind the VAR don’t always agree about the same issue. Some of the assistant referees see an incident from different angle and that exactly how scorum should work. If all writers agree about as event in pitch of play then what then do we want to learn from the platform or what gives us inspiration to write more?.

There is no doubt about the fact some people will earn reward more than others no matter the quality or quantity of their post. I have seen 300 word post earned more than a 1000 words post. These can boil down to many reason such as the writer has build an audience for him or herself or has won the heart of a whale or built a good relationship with a whale. In such case flagging such post because you think it’s too less of a quality to get big reward can spark a fight.

My suggestion

To curb this whole idea of unwarranted flagging, if it be possible scorum management should come up with specific rules why a post should be flagged aside being plagiarized. These are just my person opinion and it is not bidding on anybody or the management a well to be observed.

#1 Minimum word/post

To deal quality post or not quality post getting a reward, I’m suggesting the scorum management to state specifically the minimum words a post on this platform can be and any failure of writer to abide by this can receive flagging. This will go a long way to set a standard for the community and new users coming into the platform will be aware of the task ahead.

#2 Need for flagging bot

Is it possible to have a bot for scorum community where a post link we sense are not adequate for reward can be posted to for the bot to review the content and determine if such post is prone to flagging or not? and this should be a personal chat with bot to avoid writer picking up the complainant as an enemy.

#3 Punishment for system abuse

There should be punishment to any account found to have violated the rules especially those who are familiar with the system or writers with specific SCR. Newbies with less that 500 SCR may be caution after breaking the rules as they may be naive but such post will not get it reward still while those with above 500 SCR will lose reward for that post as well as certain SCR deducted from their wallet with notification to this effect.

#4 Reason for flagging

Any writer who considers a post to be flagged must in the comment section of that post say in details why he or she considered such post not to merit rewards. This will ensure we don’t see a situation people open faceless (mystery flagging) account to fight perceived enemy.

# 5 Plagiarism

You will agree with me that most times its impossible to write 100% content without borrowing idea from others peoples work. Most of the things written here are from report and statistics gotten from other sources as well as our images. scorum management should come up with certain degree or percent of plagiarized works after specific time.. Lets say a work with 50% plagiarism and above should be flagged after 30 minutes or one hour. This to give the writer time to correct his or her work as we sometimes may have uploaded a certain % of plagiarized work not satisfactory to our taste.

i was born and brought up in a christian home and aside the principles written down in the scriptures, getting to read a lot o history book has suggested according to popular saying '' the worst form of evil is when good men don nothing'' I have remain silent on this issue because I had feared that I might be a victim of speaking out on issue like this and probably have to suffered flagging on my posts or rather my account reduced to nothing but remaining silent will disturb my internal peace as a person seeing people crying foul about their posts being flagged for wrong reasons.


I'm in total support of the flagging system to keep the scorum community abuse free and those who intend to exploit the platform kept off.

These are my little opinion to this flagging issue and if you have any suggestion that can advance the cause of our community, please don’t hesitate to comment below.